Town Hall

Cauldron’s Town Hall is a single-story building and one of the oldest structures in the city. The building serves as a place for the Lord Mayor, Severen Navalant, and his advisers to hold meetings with the City Council and other movers and shakers of the city, but they don’t actually live there. Records of ownership, historical documents, and similar archives can be found here. Access to these archives is difficult to achieve.

The ground floor of the building is dedicated to offices, archives and records, and the City Council chambers.

The lower level holds three court rooms and various waiting rooms. Each courtroom holds a few pews for audience members. An open area hedged by two flaming braziers and a red, soot-stained carpet between them is set in front of the pews where the Trial by Fire can be conducted (in cases where a tie between plaintiff and defendant occurs). Just beyond the Trial by Fire walkway, another open area is set aside for the opposing sides to present their cases and beyond that is a judges seat and pulpit.

Three judges handle the case load of Cauldron’s legal system. So far the Moonhowlers have either brought cases or been brought up on charges with The Honorable Judge Ghease and The Honorable Judge Legorand Tannin. They are yet to meet The Honorable Judge Velvian Drace.

To either side of the courtroom are a set of spiral stairs. One set leads up to one of the Hall towers where the Trial by Air can be performed (in case of a tie with the Trial by Fire (there has never been a tie with the Trial by Air so the Trial by Water and Trial by Earth have not been invented yet), and another set of stairs leads down to the prison levels.

There are fourteen prison levels that run further down into the ground underneath the court levels and spiral stairs lead from the prisons to the three courtrooms. Each prison floor can hold hundreds of prisoners and it is rumored that the bars that make up each cell are made from a metal alloy impervious to most physical damage and infused with arcane spells to prohibit teleportation of any kind and escape via gaseous form, reduction or polymorph effects. Rumor has it that the cells were designed by Surabar Spellmason to hold demonic prisoners in his epic battles against the hordes of the Demonskar.

Currently, the top four levels of the prison are full. A simple wooden desk and a few lockers sit at the entrance to this each prison level and the rest are taken up by box-like barred metal cages – the far corners of the room shrouded in darkness.

Legend holds that only one creature has ever escaped from the Cauldron Jail, the infamous Triel Eldurast.

The Moonhowlers had an opportunity to explore the other levels of the prison complex – thinking that they may lead to an entrance to the Malachite Hold. Levels two through twelve were completely dark and dusty and had not been used in decades if not centuries. They discovered that any levels deeper down were nearly filled to the ceiling with dark and murky water.

(HOUSE RULE: SEE Fate Points)

The Moonhowlers have been to court numerous times:

Ariday 19: Successfully helped convict 3 Wall Guard privates for their assault on Ruphus Laro. Three fate points awarded to Braeden, Braenna, Gerran and Kenric.

Ariday 21: Successful conviction of Keygan Ghelve and a skulk. Two fate points awarded to Braeden, Braenna, Gerran and Kenric.

Town Hall

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