Third Eye

This small, stone two-story building houses Cauldron’s only fortune teller.

Kranston Thorantos runs this small business on the ground floor and lives in a lavishly decorated apartment in the upper floor. Customers are greeted by the sound of gently tinkling door chimes upon entering the shop and are immediately greeted by one of Thorantos’s assistants who sits behind a crude wooden counter just beyond the front door. Red curtains block off any view of the rest of the shop, but the sounds of a fountain and the squawk’s of jungle birds can be heard behind the cloth barriers.

After the modest fee (one gold coin per reading) has been paid to the assistant, customers are ushered behind the curtains and seated at one of several wooden benches placed around the quaint room beyond. Jungle plants sprout from hundreds of clay pots scattered about while creepers, lianas and vines climb over the rafters and drape down, reaching for the floor. An ornate fountain occupies the center of the room while several colorful parrots and macaws occupy perches throughout the room.

After a minute of waiting, Thorantos himself arrives, dressed in flamboyant attire and carrying a crystal ball. The readings he gives nearly always come true. Nearly. Always.

Note: Thorantos runs this shop as a front. It’s true purpose being a secretly operated safe house for agents and operators of Mordenkainen.

Third Eye

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