The Lucky Monkey

A once fine Inn nestled in the deeps of the Amidio Jungle, this establishment’s luck has finally run out. Situated on the only trade route halfway between Sasserine and the city of Cauldron, The Lucky Monkey Inn saw many years of prosperity. This two story affair served as a necessary stay-over for any merchant or traveler making the trip between those two cities, and proprietors Orin and Loola Marsh welcomed anyone, regardless of their ability to pay for a room or not. Business was good and Orin often took in weary travelers without coin, allowing them to stay in the hayloft of the carriage house or to work off their room and board fares in the kitchen.

In its prime, the inn boasted fifteen individual rooms, a large common room and seven suites. It had a full bar, a stage for nightly entertainment where traveling bards were always welcome. A large, enclosed courtyard with trees, ponds and winding pathways provided solace to those in need and even a small shrine to Farlanghan was housed within its wooded walls.

The exterior and interior of the Inn was decorated in monkey motifs, often depicting the creatures avoiding a miserable fate of one kind or another – escaping the jaws of a crocodile or narrowly escaping a Suel huntsman’s arrow.

But during the rainy season of CY 593, the Lucky Monkey encountered disaster. Sarcem Delasharn, High Priest of the Church of St Cuthbert, was returning home to Cauldron City after spending many seasons in the capitol city of Sasserine on his quest for magic to aid in this year’s Flood Festival when he and his small retinue of acolytes decided to stop over in the famous little roadside inn.

Unbeknown to him, he was being stalked. A small band of cultists knew the importance of the magical wands Delesharn carried with him and sacked the inn. The cultists managed to make off with the wands, but they killed everyone inside and wrecked the place in the process.

One survivor, the drow Pathwarden Shensen, currently remains at the inn with Gerran of the The Moonhowlers and is attempting to return the inn to its once-glory.

The Lucky Monkey

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