The Lathenmires

Given another few years, the Lathenmires could be inducted into Cauldron’s nobility, and, perhaps, gain a coveted seat on the Cauldron City Council. As it stands, the family is as rich as most of the other nobles, having effectively cornered the local arms and armor trade. The Lathenmire manor is a sprawling structure with several training rooms and trophy halls on its ground floors.

Six smithies are dotted across the map of Cauldron city and the Lathenmires have a smithy in Hallowsky and Kingfisher’s Hollow, as well.

Pergerus and Konley Lathenmire are extremely cold people and run their manor and smithies with a ruthless efficiency. Employees of both manor and smithies work quietly and quickly as if their very lives depend upon it.

The Lathenmire’s only child, Cora, is a high-tempered brat and is currently a member of the Stormblades.

The Lathenmires

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