The Humans

Most people think that the Flan and Oeridians who founded the capital city of Sasserine were the first humans to settle the peninsula. But those people would be quite wrong. Over fifteen hundred years ago, around -1000 CY, the first humans to reach the jungles of the Amedio were actually the Olman from neighboring Hemponaland.

The jungle was a harsh environment for the Olman tribes and fraught with many dangers. Jungle cats and dinosaurs ate many in the early days, but the resourceful humans eventually found a way to conquer these natural enemies. Disease also took its toll, but once again, the humans quickly adapted and a stronger, healthier stock was produced within the first few generations.

The biggest threat to the Olman, however, were the many demons that inhabited the peninsula. The Olman quickly realized that the demons were newcomers to the area and were hell-bent on eradicating all of the intelligent indigenous races in the Amedio. The humans stayed hidden and watched as the demon horrors waged war and eventually annihilated entire civilizations. Even if the Olman tribes could have helped these ancient races against the demon hoards, which is quite doubtfull, indeed, they probably simply chose not to get involved. The ancient races were all foul and corrupted peoples; venomous yaun-ti, odoriferous troglodyte and deceitful spellweavers once thrived within jungle cities, beguiling kopru settled the lakes and streams while and dreaded frost giants ruled the mountain tops. It is also thought that various beastman races like the Kech and the gorilla-like D’kana also lived in established civilizations. The Olman simply waited patiently for the demons to obliterate them and then they snuck in to inhabited the resulting ruins after the demons had left.

Five hundred years later (-420 CY) the Suel arrived. These pathetic creatures were some of the survivors of the Rain of Colorless Fire sent by Baklunish sorcerers to strike down their mighty empire in -422 CY. While most of the surviving Suel settled in the far north of the Oerik continent, and others found their way to the swamps below Sundi, a few pathetic bands found their way around the Hellfurnaces and stumbled into the jungles of the Amedio.

The Suel stayed low and out of sight during those days and over the next three centuries they multiplied and prospered under the demon shadow. They often pitched battle against their less-technologically advanced Olman tribes, however, and over time the Suel and Olman mixed blood and became indistinguishable from each other. Over the years, the Suel also began to change in physical appearance. Gone were the pale-skinned, blond haired, purple-eyed humans that once ruled their mighty empire to the west. The jungle and Olman influence darkened their skin to a tan or brown shade with lots of freckles and their hair became more reddish and wild. Occasionally a pale-variant or albino child is born among the Suel tribes of the Amedio, harkening back to an age when their race ruled rather than slunk around, but that child is held either as an omen for good or bad among its fellow tribesmen, depending upon the tribe he is born into.

There are a few hundred Suel tribes scattered across the jungle. Many live in the old ruins while others are nomadic. The Suel have always been a fierce, prideful and violent people, and the tribes of the peninsula reflect this attitude, constantly warring against each other for territory, food or slaves. Some of the tribal names include, the Yamahucca, Quithorani, Gogi, Metechlan and Tenochlian tribes.

Powerful Flan and Oeridian pilgrims from Keoland arrived in -130 CY and set up semi-permanent camps along the northern tip of the peninsula. This group was led by a visionary cleric of Wee Jas named Sasserine who died on the island now known as Ancestor Island in the heroic act of defending the pilgrims from a black dragon named Zelkarune.

Sasserine’s lover, a man named Teraknian, founded the city, Sasserine, in her honor. Over the next several centuries the city experienced phenomenal growth, during which a line of rulers descended from Teraknian ruled Sasserine in conjunction with advice from the churches of Wee Jas and Kord.

In CY -116, One of the greatest wizards of that time, Surabar Spellmason, recieved a vision from an angelic entity named Nidrama. She had grown concerned about the demonic presence centered at the Demonskar and gifted Spellmason with the weapon, Alakast. Ten years later, Spellmason led a small army of armed men and engineers from Sasserine and founded the outpost of Redgorge. Spellmason begins to battle the demons in the area and builds the Basalt Bastions to help in his defense. In -103 CY, the demon overlord Yeenoghu sends his powerful minion, the glabrezu demon Nabthatoron, to the prime material plane with orders to obliterate the humans of the Amedio Jungle.

Spellmason’s best friend, Kozomago Lidu, takes a smaller band of warriors and spellcasters futher into the jungle in order to establish another line of defense and found the small village of Liduton. In -96 CY, Spellmason defeats Nabthatoron and breaks the back of the demon hoard. During the battle, Lidu attempts to use powerful necromantic magic she had discovered from a nearby korpu ruin to raise a powerful undead host to aid her friend Surabar. She failed and the magic turned upon her, utterly destroying the village of Liduton.

Surabar and his victorious army soon look for a better locale to defend themselves from the remaining demons. He is also tempted by the fertile valleys and rich mines that soon are discovered in the area. With the help of his demi-human allies, the city of Cauldron, with Jzadirune and the Malachite Hold, are founded in -86 CY.

Many Oeridian, Flan, Baklun and Rhennee from the north begin arriving in the area to take advantage of the riches of the jungle. Surabar dies in -56 CY, but leaves behind a powerful civilization deep within the jungle.

Kingfisher Hollow and Hollowsky are founded mostly by human settlers in -6 CY. These settlements grew over the next five centuries.

In the year of 480 cy, Lord Mayor Orren Teraknian ruled the city of Sasserine —a rule that allowed for no shades of gray. For the first time in centuries, the church of Wee Jas was stripped of its power as fabricated charges of devil-worshiping saw to the arrest, imprisonment, and even execution of its faithful. Just as Orren’s rule became unbearable, a great fleet of ships arrived —representatives of the Hold of the Sea Princes to the north.

Promising an end to Orren’s cruel rule, the invaders were aided in their assault on the city from within as the citizens rose up in rebellion. Orren Teraknian was overthrown and the Sea Princes claimed Sasserine as their own.

Over the century to come, Sasserine’s resources were savaged. The Sea Princes kept Sasserine a secret from the rest of the world, hoping to hide the valuable port from invaders by destroying any references to it they could find. Spies infiltrated cartographer guilds and libraries throughout the world, altering maps and sea charts with magic. Ship captains who knew the route to the city were bought off or murdered.

Sasserine suffered in these 100 years, but the underlying spirit of her citizens did not die. Their prayers were finally answered in 584 cy, when the Scarlet Brotherhood assassinated nearly all of the Sea Princes. The resulting turmoil threw Sasserine into chaos. Without the support of their homeland, the leaders of the city were overthrown in a fortnight.

In the decade since their freedom, the people of Sasserine have rebuilt their city with astonishing success.

The Humans

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