The Alleybashers

The Alleybashers is a long-standing underground criminal organization in Cauldron.  This successful organization has been operating under the noses of Cauldron's law enforcers for over a decade, largely due to the extreme secrecy demanded from its members, but also becuase of its carefully planned operations.  The City Guard and City Council have no leads as to its leadership, members, numbers or bases of operation.

In recent months, a rival gang known as the Last Laugh has risen to power in Cauldron. Some suspect a major confrontation is brewing between these two underground powerhouses and the outcome may determine who will control the city's criminal element for years to come. 

During the rainy season of CY 593, the war between the two rival underworld gangs finally appeared to come to a head. The Alleybashers were forced to leave town when their leader, an enigmatic scoundrel named Jakob Gleerow, went missing a few weeks prior. Unfortunately for Gleerow his head was found floating in Cauldron Lake.

The Moonhowlers, however, were not completely rid of the Alleybashers. Upon the rescue mission for Sarcem Delasharn at The Lucky Monkey Inn, they stumbled upon a mix of Alleybashers and Suel Tribesmen being led by the half-orc were baboon, Tongueater.

The Alleybashers

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