St Cuthbert

The Church of St. Cuthbert, with High Priest Sarcem Delasharn, sees the most patrons in the city. It is located in the Northeast Quadrant of Cauldron.

The Moonhowlers were introduced to the Church of St. Cuthbert early in the story as they saved Ruphus Laro from a beating at the hands of the The Last Laugh guild.

Later, Ruphus introduced the party to Jenya Urikas, priest of St. Cuthbert and the person in charge of the church while Sarcem Delasharn is away at Sasserine.

After the four children from the Lantern Street Orphanage were taken during the recent spate of local kidnappings, Jenya made a public vow that the Church of St. Cuthbert would do all it could to rescue the victims.

Jenya used the church’s holy artifact, The Star of Justice, to produce the following prophesy about the missing children:

“The locks are key to finding them.
Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron.
Beware the doors with teeth.
Descend into the malachite’ hold, where precious life is bought with gold.
Half a dwarf bind them, but not for long.”

After the heroic rescue of Ruhpus Laro, Jenya then hired the party to follow up on the cryptic riddle and find the missing children. She agreed that the Church would pay them 2500 gold coin and four potions of cure moderate wounds.

The Moonhowlers were eventually victorious and rescued the children, bringing down a slaving ring in the process. The party has had several encounters with Jenya and Rufus over the past yaer. Most notably a failed rescue attempt for the High Priest Sarcem Delesharn, who was assassinated by Triel Eldurast and her evil cult of Ebon Triadists.

Recently, the party has discovered the St. Cuthbert Sanatorium located in the back yard of the church where several clerics tend to the city’s growing population of crazies.

Quite a lot is known about the deity, St. Cuthbert:

Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel is the combative deity of Wisdom, Dedication, and Zeal. Rumored to have once been a mortal man, Saint Cuthbert is an intermediate deity. His alignment has been variously interpreted as lawful neutral (lawful good tendencies) and lawful good (lawful neutral tendencies). Saint Cuthbert hates evil, but is more concerned with law and order, with converting the uninformed, and preventing backsliding among the faithful.

Saint Cuthbert is a foe of many evil deities, including Iuz and Vecna. He also has an intense rivalry with Pholtus, a similarly intolerant though good-leaning god.

Saint Cuthbert is strongly allied with Rao.

Cuthbertines (that is, worshipers of Saint Cuthbert) are most prevalent in the central Flanaess. The saint has churches in Dyvers, Furyondy, the Gran March, the Free City of Greyhawk, Keoland, Perrenland, the Shield Lands, Tenh, the Principality of Ulek, the County of Urnst, the Duchy of Urnst, Veluna, and Verbobonc. These churches can be large cathedrals, but most commonly are wayside shrines and small, rude chapels.

On other planes, Saint Cuthbert is the most favored god of the Harmonium faction, who appreciate the god’s uncompromising nature. The current leader of the faction, Faith, is a cleric of Saint Cuthbert.

When they shed their mortal coils, those who worshiped the saint in life go to Saint Cuthbert’s divine realm, called the Basilica of Saint Cuthbert or the Bastion of Law. This realm is in Arcadia. Souls there act as silent observers while the saint gives out judgments from his Seat of Truth. Saint Cuthbert seldom leaves his plane unless some great duty calls him forth.

Saint Cuthbert’s priesthood is divided into three major orders.

  • The Chapeaux, whose symbol is a crumpled hat, seek to convert people into their faith. They are equally divided between lawful good and lawful neutral characters. Paladins of Saint Cuthbert, known as Votaries or Communicants, have an honorary position in the Order of the Chapeaux. Their role is not just to convert others, but to actually fight enemies of the faith.
  • The Stars, whose symbol is a starburst, seek to enforce doctrinal purity among those already dedicated to the saint. Most are lawful neutral, and they do not shy from using mind-reading magic in order to ensure that even the private thoughts of their flock are pure.
  • The Billets are the most numerous of Saint Cuthbert’s clergy. Most are lawful good, and they seek to minister to and protect the faithful. These are well-beloved by the common folk. Their symbol is a wooden club. The Chapeaux often come into conflict with the Billets, because the former order wants to seek new converts while the latter wants to care for the worshipers they already have.

There are a few lesser-known orders of St. Cuthbert.

  • L’Ordre de la Croix-Rose Veritas, or the Order of the Rosy Cross of Truth, was founded in 587 CY), after the Greyhawk Wars. It was founded by Ormus, a former priest of Rao only just converted to Saint Cuthbert’s faith himself. When Ormus discovered an evil warlord had been corrupted by a devil in disguise, he founded the new order in order to track down other devils living among mortals in disguise. The order has three branches: La Croix-Vert, La Croix-Blanc, and La Croix-Bleu.
  • The Society of the Sanctified Mind focuses on ridding the world of evil psionicists. It was founded circa 561 CY by a cleric of Saint Cuthbert named Sir Jeremy Costineux, after his home village was enslaved by illithids. This society is a knightly order rather than a strictly religious one, and people of a wide variety of character classes belong to it.

Saint Cuthbert wields a powerful artifact called the Mace of Cuthbert. Other magic items associated with Saint Cuthbert include the cudgel that never forgets and the tabard of the great crusade.

St Cuthbert

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