Skie's Treasury

Skie Aldersun is a gnomish retired adventurer who settled into the Cauldron region some time ago. She is the only store owner in the city whose sole market is the acquisition and sales of magical items.

Her shop is a modest building crafted from blocks of volcanic stone. The facade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds, of symbols and sigils that have been carved into the face of the stone with chisels. One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door, a sign proclaims the establishment to be Skie’s Treasury, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure – rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrolls and more- that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with a soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime.

Inside, Skie’s shop is packed with shelves, cases, cabinets and display stands – all sporting various items of interest to adventurers, and, according to Skie, all of them are magical.

The Moonhowlers have had a few visits with Skie since their adventuring career began. On the first visit, Skie told them about her Adventurer’s Discount. In order to be eligible for the discount, Skie said that they must:

Have a Party Name – (check! The Moonhowlers)
Visit the shop at least once a week (check! two times so far)
Recite to her a tale of valor and adventure each week (check! The Sacking of Jzadirune)
Sell at least 5000 gold worth of magical items to Skie (Check!) You did it!!

10% off all sales
Purchases at 60% of sale value
Star of Valor – 20% additional discount on sales in most shops in Cauldron until the next Ball

On their second visit to Skie, the Moonhowlers tried to get some diseased items infected with the Vanishing identified. Skie was struck by the disease and was not pleased with the party for bringing the malady to her. The Moonhowlers may be hard pressed to gain her favor in the future.

The Moonhowlers have regaled Skie with a number of glorious stories since the Vanishing incident. The “Defeat of Kazmodgen”, “Drakthar’s Demise” and “The Battle of the Lucky Monkey” (complete with pantomime) have been a few of her favorites. It looks like all is forgiven.

Finally! The Moonhowler’s have done it! After a few harrowing trips into the Kopru Ruins, the party has managed to finaggle the Adventurer’s Discount.

Also, Skie is now in possession of a very special item that allows her to cast Analyze Dweomer for 5 rounds. She charges 250 gp per use.

Here’s her currently available inventory:

Discount 10%
With Star of
Valor Discount 30%
Skullcleaver (+2 Keen Bastard Sword ) (M) 18,000 gp
Wyke (+2 quarterstaff) (M) 8600 gp
The Eastern Star (+2 short sword of spell storing) (S) 18,310 gp
Arrows of Sleep (2) 132 gp @
Quiver of Quandary 8,350 gp
Leathers of the Lady Oak (Bracers of Armor+3) (M) 9,000 gp
Chiro’s Cowl (Cloak of the Bat) 24,000 gp
Musical Instruments
Pipes of the Sewers 1,150 gp
Harp of Charming 7,500 gp
Rods, Staves and Wands
Wand of Shocking Grasp (43 charges) 750 gp
Staff of Size Alteration 6,500 gp
Rod of Withering 17,000 gp
Odds and Ends
Ioun Stone (pink) (+2 Con) 8,000 gp
Quaal’s Feather Token (fan) 200 gp
Orbs of Lightning (20) 7,500 gp
Quill of Scribing 200 gp
Arcane scroll of Cloudkill 1,125 gp
Arcane scroll of Ice Storm 700 gp
Arcane scroll of Freedom of Movement 700 gp
Arcane scroll of Leomund’s Tiny Hut 400 gp
Divine scroll of Raise Dead 6,125 gp

If you ask Skie about some of the items, she generally has a story to tell . . .

+2 Keen Bastard Sword (Sword of Sharpness) Description: An antique heavy steel blade with two razor sharp adamantine edges and a diamond tip. Ornate patterns and pictures of knights preforming various heroic acts run along the length of the blade. Soft white leather encircles the grip edged with a tiny pattern of a black rearing horses. The thick crossbar of the weapon is black, finishing at both ends with small white rearing horses facing away from the blade. The hilt of the sword is crafted to appear like a black knight’s helmet. The white leather scabbard of the sword is similarly decorated with ornate pictures of knights matching those found on the blade.

Story: (If the party have become valued customers and friends to Skie she will recount the story in whispered tones. )

“The Lord Mayor himself – Severen Navalant, sold this spectacular blade to me. I have known his lordship for many years now. Not personally but well enough that he knows my name and says hello if he sees me. He is a large, robust, jovial man with a mane of fiery red hair and a booming voice that commands respect. Strangely this was not how he appeared when he visited my store recently. He came in just before closing, hidden beneath a hooded cloak and without any entourage or guards. When he revealed himself to me he looked a gaunt shadow of himself with sunken eyes and deep lines of worry etched into his face. I asked him how he was and he replied ‘fine, just in a bit of a hurry, Skie’. With that he pulled aside his cloak and placed the sheathed blade upon my counter. I took the opportunity to mention to him that I could not give him full price for the weapon because of the tax increases. He said that they are an unfortunate necessity to safeguard the city and then under his breath said ‘or so my adviser has assured me’ and that they were only temporary but apologized for the impact they were having upon my business. It seemed to me he really didn’t support the tax increases himself which I thought was strange, considering.After a few more fruitless attempts at conversation I bought the weapon from him for rather more than I normally would have. He is the mayor after all and, between you and me, I really felt sorry for him. He just seemed so worried but what would the mayor of Cauldron have to worry about I wonder?”

+2 Quarter Staff Description: Seven-foot long knobbly wooden staff. The peak of the staff has small twisting branches that reach out and wind about each other.

Story: Reminds me of a knobbly old man this staff, beautiful wood and delicately carved. The same merchant that sold me the bracers, the rod and small sword offered me this powerful staff when he passed through Cauldron recently. It is a double weapon and can be used as such, striking out with both ends or swung like a sword with both hands griping the one end. It would also make for a great walking stick on those long treks!

+2 Small Sword of Spell Storing Description: Two and a half feet dark steel blade with a double edge that glows with a brilliant white light, silhouetting the blade. The delicate lattice of interweaving metal forms an ornate basket guard around the hilt with a black leather bound grip finished with a large onyx gem. When the sword holds a spell, the gem color changes to white.

Story: A merchant from Sasserine passed through here on his way to trade with some of the lizardfolk tribes of the west. He was a flamboyant fellow, big burly guards, jewels dripping off him, multicolored silk clothing and more front than the town hall! He sold me a number of items one of which was this extraordinarily powerful blade. Normally I wouldn’t be able to afford such a wonder but with Maavu unavailable of late I had a few spare funds. I bought this item with you in mind. Not many others would have the finances nor the know-with-how to wield such an item.

Sleep arrows. Description: Midnight blue feathers, white shaft and tipped with a rounded, sandstone blunt tip. A trail of glittering sand marks the arrows flight when fired.

Story: “I’ve had these arrows only a short time. They were sold to me by an academic and wizard from the Bluecrater Academy. They are a new type of magical weapon. A far more civilized method of combat. I suggest using these arrows. The battles could be won without a drop of blood spilled. If you want more I’m sure I can get them for you.”

Quiver of Quandary. Description: A pale green leather quiver with dark green embroidery depicting a great oak tree. The arrows within are a variety of colors and shapes. There are six arrows of each variety. +2 Iron: Grey feathers, white shaft and triangular iron tip. +2 Silver: Dark blue feathers, light blue shaft and silver tear shaped tip. +2 Mithril: Dark purple feathers, lavender colored shaft with a long glittering mithril tip. +2 Admantine: Black feathers, white shaft and a black, jagged tip. +1 Distance: Brown feathers, white shaft and brown tip. The base of the shaft appears like a small silver eagle with the joined legs were the arrow notches, the feathers shaped like its wings and the rest of shaft emerges from the eagles open mouth. The steel tip of the arrow appears like an arrows head and closed beak. +1 Flaming: Yellow feathers, orange shaft and red tip. This arrow resembles the distance arrow but with a red, orange and yellow colored phoenix in the place of the eagle. +1 Frost: White feathers, blue shaft and white tip. This arrow resembles the distance arrow but with a white dragon instead of an eagle. +1 Shock: Black Feathers, grey shaft and black tip. This arrow resembles the distance arrow but with a lightning bolts instead of an eagle.

Story: "One of the Waterman’s Hollow, a famous adventuring band who lived in these parts, commissioned these arrows through me many years ago. They have been sitting half finished in the Bluecrater Academy for longer than I cared to remember, until I was recently reminded of them and asked if I wanted them finished. I thought they may be a useful tool for a party. I remember the young lady who commissioned the arrows was having particular trouble overcoming the different types of natural protections many creatures possessed and wanted a way to bypass this damage reduction so came up with this solution. I wasn’t sure of a name for the quiver and toiled over it one night – it was quite a quandary. That’s how I arrived on the name – clever don’t you agree. Anyway it will do until someone else comes up with a better one or until someone wants me to commission another such quiver. Just be prepared to wait. This one took over a decade so snatch it up while you can. "

Bracers of Armour (+ 3) Description: Oaken bracers with gold leaf branches spreading across their surface. Carved into the underside of each is something written in small elven runes. .

Story: The merchant who sold these beautiful bracers to me told me that they were of elvish make – created in the forest Celadon by the Council of the Thorn. How he knew this I continue to remain skeptical but undeniably they are exquisitely crafted in a manner that only elven woodworkers could do and powerfully, I would say, better than wearing studded leather armor and far lighter too!

I speak elvish so I can tell you what the runes read -

Older than the acorn,
Younger than the hill.
Lady oak watches over us,
Protecting us still.

These bracers have almost a spiritual feel to them. After donning them I found myself longing for the wilderness, to feel the moss under my feet, the cool of the forest shade on a warm afternoon, the whisper of the wind on my face, the brilliant color of the flowers. Even in the most crowded city or darkest dungeon all you need to do is close your eyes…

Cloak of the Bat Description: Long jet-black light leather cloak that flutters and flaps even in on the stillest of nights. A black clasp, shaped to resemble a bat in flight, with ruby eyes and a silver lining, sits at the neck. The black lining of the cloak resembles the entrance of a deep cave with the soft sounds of water dripping and bats moving echoing off distant unseen walls.

Holding the cloaks edge and drawing it quickly across the body causes the cloak to become a writhing mass of bats which screech and fly off in ever direction briefly camouflaging the wearer who has assumes the shape of a large bat.
Grasping each edge and holding the cloak outright causes the cloak to act as bat wings allowing the wearer to fly.

Story : I was just falling to sleep; tucked up in my little bed a couple of nights back, when my window shutters abruptly flew open. I remembered thinking that this was a bit odd considering how still the night was and jumped out of bed to close them with a little candle in hand. I nervously poked my head out the window and looked about before locking the shutters and then turned to toddle off to my warm bed.

When I turned though I froze in shock and fright for what seemed like minutes. There standing before me, half obscured by the dancing shadows that feebly illuminated the room from by trembling candle was a woman. She was tall with raven coloured hair except for a ghostly white streak. She wore black and her cloak moved around her as if caught in a breeze yet I could feel no hint of wind in my dark room.

‘Excuse me my little girl. You are Skie if I am correct. I am Mhad’ she spoke. When I did not respond she continued with ‘I could not see you in your funny little shop so I thought we could do business in a more comfortable setting’. She gave me a cruel little smile smirking at her own little joke but when I once again did not make a move or noise her smile faded away as was replaced with a annoyed frown.

Reaching inside a sack by her side she drew forth a ebony cloak ‘You will find this cloak a treasure worth procuring. What you have in gems behind your painting will suffice as payment’ she said without hint of emotion, ‘and besides my other cloak is getting jealous..’ Then without another word she opened the shutters and dropped from the window. I pulled myself from my paralysed state, ran to the window and watched her drift to the alley three stories below while her cloak fluttered behind her.

I was tired at the time but I am sure that while she was falling the folds in her cloak formed an angry face who glared at me with sheer hatred. I didn’t get much sleep that night I can tell you…

Pipes of the Sewers. Description: Intricately carved oak panpipes with pictures of rats in all manner of human-like poses and actions.

Story: “A few years back the city of Sasserine was hit by a plague of rats that terrorized the city. At the same time a spate of robberies struck the city as well. As you can imagine the two turned out to be linked. A group of Wererats were using a plague to distract the authorities and mask their movements while they collected quite a horde. When authorities eventually tracked down the villains they were surprised to find that a local storekeep was the leader of the rats and was using these very pipes. The pipes were ordered to be destroyed by the town guard but luckily, Maavu was able to procure them before this could happen now here they are here before you. Now I don’t show these pipes to everyone you understand, after all I don’t want a plague of rats in Cauldron any more than the next person. I think it all comes down to good character though, and what people would most likely use them for. As far as I’m concerned good character is something you folk have plenty of.”

Harp of Charming. Description: Elaborate, exquisitely crafted golden harp and blanketed with exotic golden flowers. Strumming the glittering mithril strings releases a gentle wave of musical emotion that echoes softly around the audience, caressing their senses and stirring up memories of happy and peaceful times.

Story: “A venerable old lady wandered into my shop one morning, browsed around and chatted to me for a long time. She seemed very interested in the events of the city, the adventurers I have as frequent customers, the history of the city and even my past. I found myself being rather forthcoming really. She seemed like such a sweet, kindly old thing and I was just happy to pass the time until a paying customer came through the doors. I was chatting to her about the recent problems we had with the floods and how you rescued the wands and saved the city and she said something like – ‘I think unfortunately the clouds are just brewing my dear but I have something that may help sooth the storm’. From beneath her cloak or out of thin air it seemed, the elderly lady took out this beautiful instrument and passed it over to me with a sparkle in her eyes. She didn’t banter with me for price, in fact she never even counted or looked at the gems I passed over to her for the item. She just seemed pleased I took it from her. Funny thing was after she left I realized she never even mentioned her name nor anything about herself the whole stay. I must have been blabbering on for hours – hard to believe I know. Someone who has taken an instant interest in the golden harp is Annah Taskerhill. I could tell by her glazed eyes that she fell instantly in love with the exquisite workmanship and music it produced. If you want the harp you had better hurry. I’m sure Annah will be only one of the many admirers of the wondrous instrument”

Wand of Shocking Grasp. Description: A wand made of dark ebony, set with 3 small copper bands. Each of the bands have been etched with small runes. The wand appears to be static, as small flecks of dust cling to it. Close inspection of the wand reveals small bite marks along one side

Story : “This particular wand was found in the dwarven ruins under Cauldron, The Malachite Hold! Zenith Splintershield sold it to me long ago after they cleared the place the first time. The bite marks are from a goblin infant, who, believe it or not, used it as a rattle!”

Staff of Size Alteration. Description: A six foot spiral ebony staff, peaked with a crafted hand holding a large sapphire in its fingertips. The sapphire glows when used.
It can altar its size between 1 and 8 feet in length as desired by the wielder.

Story: “Amazing stave. Changes size and changes others size as well. Old Tygot is having a terrible time with the new taxes. Sold me this one just yesterday to help cover his costs. Not sure he and Mipswich will be in town much longer. I heard he has an offer to tend the gardens at Knowlern Estate in Kingfisher Hollow.”

Rod of Withering. Description: A black, hardened mummified arm torn free from the elbow capped with a sickly skeletal hand blanketed in festering yellow sores and with long yellow nails reaching out from the rods peak. When used in battle the hand comes to life clawing and tearing at an opponent leaving sickly yellow puss and disease with every wound.

Story : "Hideous item really. The thought of using a creature’s arm as a weapon revolts me but I had it checked out and despite its appearance the rod is not evil. I’ve had a large amount of interest from one fellow in particular since I procured the weapon from the Sasserine merchant.

He is a good looking young man with a beautiful smile and charming manner but something just didn’t sit right with me about him. One thing strange was his eyes. He had bright yellow eyes! Strange don’t you agree?

The other thing was his armour and weapon. For most of the meeting he had a cloak tightly pulled around him but when I didn’t agree to his price or fall to his charms he became more animated and I caught a glance of both. His armour had a large symbol of a skull upon its breastplate and his mace head was shaped like a skull also.

I may yet sell him the rod if he meets my price but I’m certainly not selling it to him at any sort of discount! I’d much rather see it in your hands….

Pink Ioun Stone (Con +2). Description: Fist sized, deep pink, diamond shaped stone which rhythmically expands and shrinks making a soft beating noise like a small heart beating as hovers above the wielder shoulder.

Story : "Actual found this stone in amongst a pouch of gems a young adventurer used as payment for the Ring of Ram a week or so back. I only realised the mistake when I finally got around to valuing the gems the other day. Poor fellow. I do not even remember his name. He must have been just travelling through.

Unlucky for some but lucky for you and I don’t you agree…."

Quaal’s Feather Token(fan). Description: A small circular pure white colored feather that, when held, causes a light breeze to gently ruffle a person’s hair and clothes even on the calmest of days.

Story: “This item was part of Maavu’s stock. It is rather a simple item but invaluable on the high seas or during a wind swept storm. Nice on a hot day too, I’d imagine.”

Orbs of Lightning. Description: Clear crystal orbs, an inch in diameter, with a tiny brilliant white sphere transfixed in its exact centre. Small sparks continuously lance out from the sphere striking the inside of the crystal shell.

Story: "In my youth I was an adventurer such as yourselves. Before a raging wyvern decimated my group I had payed for these orbs to be created. I never had the heart to sell them before now but my stocks are getting low and I would like to see them used by heroes such as you rather than just sitting gathering dust.

They are amazing items. They can be used with a sling like a bullet, as I had intended, or thrown with the same effect. Wish I had them when I tried to secret that wyverns treasure away as it slept…"

Quill of Scribing. Description: Long curved quill with brilliant red feathers and an elaborate, delicately crafted nib.

Story: "I just purchased the quill this very morning. A young lady of fine breeding by her bearing, glided through my doors and very excitedly told me of her recent inheritance of which this beautiful item was part of. I could have easily bought the quill for much less but my conscience got the better of me and I gave her what I believed it was worth. She was very excited about the gold and almost danced out the shop such was her delight.

The item is amazing. One of a kind as far as I know. It scribes and draws exactly what you mentally command it to. As long as it is in your head you can have it on a page in no time. Very handy for scribes, scholars and mages alike!"

Pack of Arcane Scrolls. Description: These four scrolls have been scribed on the same parchment. All of them bear a wax seal, stamped with a sigil depicting a mountain crested by a sun and stars. One of the scrolls (ice storm) has a circular hole on its edge, barely touching the arcane writing.

Story : “I bought these scrolls off young sir Splintershield, before he became the master of the Malachite Hold. Says he found them in a grotto beyond his ancestral home, deep within the mountain. They were in a small frayed sack buried under a caved-in section. Sir Splintershield told me he found the grotto in a most peculiar state. Sections of the wall apparently melted away, unnatural cave-ins everywhere, as if it was the site of a great battle. He never did find out what exactly happened there, though…”

A Pack of Divine Scrolls. *Description: Large ash colored parchments rolled and sealed with a red wax seal stamped with the symbol of death and magic. At the head of each opened scroll is the glaring symbol of Wee Jas that seems to follow the reader’s eyes wherever he moves. The writing is a red spidery script which glows and disappears once read.

Story: "Not much of a story here I’m afraid. I commissioned these scrolls from the Church of Wee Jas and had to pay through my ears to do so. But not to worry, they are all in mint condition, never been opened in fact, were created by Ike Iverson and most importantly to you I won’t be passing on the high prices I payed to get them! "

Skie's Treasury

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