Planar Safari

Kenric’s Planar Safari

or Travel to strange planes, meet interesting people, and kill them.


The Seekers of the Arcane
Sasha Kronovavik – Invite Sent
Canon Rundall
Sergeant Justin Maltemps – Invite Sent

Stuff needed

  • Food
  • Camping equipment if we stay long
  • Something to counteract the effects of the plane


Pre-Game Day

  • Invite people that haven’t been invited
  • Evaluate research
  • Get necessary supplies, magic, etc

Game Day

Breach the gate and establish a “beach head”. Once a reasonably safe and secure area can be found, establish a base camp, if feasible.

Begin exploration. The initial entry into this plane is exploratory in nature. An extended stay is possible, but not necessarily desirable. Primarily the away team wants to evaluate the plane, its effects, dangers and so forth. Additionally, discover the whereabouts of Fetor and Weer if possible.

Goals are:

  • Determine the properties of this plane/demi-plane.
  • Discover if there are any residents and their disposition.
  • Evaluate the existence of any exploitable resources.
  • Search for and recover Weer and Fator if possible.
  • Determine the feasibility of future exploration.


  • If hostile creatures encountered. Kill and loot their corpses.
  • If overly dangerous creatures encounters…kill most of them and then retreat to the beach head.
  • Retreat through the gate should be orderly as possible. N00bs first, Moonhowlers last.

Other Details

  • Keep the portal active with one or more wizards, probably Seekers.
  • Test gate activation on the planar side as well.

Post Adventure

  • If residents, and non-hostile, determine if diplomatic/trade relations are possible. If hostile, ascertain threat to Cauldron. (Form a assault squad; kill them, take their stuff. IE: ADVENTURE!)
  • If lost wizards are recovered alive, question them on their experience.
  • Sell loot.
  • Evaluate possibility of future expeditions.
  • Write report for Arch-Chancellor

Final Report(s)

Planar Safari

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