The nobility of Cauldron consists of a wide variety of phenomenally wealthy merchants, plantation owners, mine owners and local business folk.  Entrance into the official ranks of nobility requires ownership and maintenance of an estate within the outer circle (closest to the walls) of the city.  The limited space in this neighborhood ensures the number of noble families stays small and competition for status remains high. 

While Cauldron's leadership is certainly maintained by the Lord Mayor, the city is actually ruled by an oligarchy of the twelve most wealthy and influential families, or houses.   

Currently, the twelve noble houses and the Council Seats of Cauldron are:

1) House Sunrise, Lady Ophellha Knowlern
2) House Navalant, Severen Navalant
3) House Aslaxin, Lord Zachary Aslaxin I
4) House Vanderboren, Lady Aeberrin Vanderboren
5) House Vhalantru, Lord Vhalantru
6) House Rhiavadi, Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi
7) HouseTaskerhill, Lord Ankhin Taskerhill
8) Splintershield Hall, Davked Splintershield
9) House Summatrin, Lady Adel Beetix III
10) House Tercival, Sir Alec Tercival
11) House Surabar, the late Delphinius Surabar (no heirs)
12) House Tucklin, Lord Jeremy Tucklin


It should be noted that Delphinius Surabar has recently passed away from natural causes and a venerable age leaving no heirs to take her place.  With her passing ends the ancient line of Surabars whose forefather, Spellmason, was responisble for founding the city.  As such, the eleventh seat of the council remains open.

It should also be noted that House Lathenmire, owners of all but one smithy in the city and the surrounding area, is widely considered the next in line for a seat on the council.  


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