Moradin is the chief deity in the dwarven pantheon. Moradin’s domains are Creation, Earth, Good, Law, and Protection. His titles include Soul Forger, Dwarffather, the All-Father, and the Creator. He created the first dwarves out of earthen materials and tutored them in dwarven ways.

Moradin is the head of the dwarven pantheon. He is married to Berronar Truesilver, and counts Gruumsh and Maglubiyet among his most fierce foes. He is friendly with Pelor.

The dwarven pantheon of gods consists of the leader Moradin, as well as Abbathor, Berronar Truesilver, Clanggedin Silverbeard, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Dumathoin, Muamman Duathal, and Vergadain.

Moradin’s realm is Erackinor, on the plane of Mount Celestia, which he shares with his wife Berronar.

The Hammers of Moradin are an elite military order dominated by crusaders and fighting clerics with chapters in nearly every dwarven stronghold and members drawn from every dwarven clan[citation needed]. The Hammers serve both as commanders of dwarven armies and as an elite strike force skilled in dealing with anything from large groups of orcs to great wyrms to malevolent fiends from the Lower Planes. The order is dedicated to the defense of existing dwarven holdings and the carving out of new dwarven territories. Individual chapters have a great deal of local autonomy but, in times of great crisis, a Grand Council (the reigning monarchs and senior Hammers of the affected region) assemble to plot strategy and divine Moradin’s will.

Another elite military order of Moradin is the Order of the Anvil of Light. Its leader is Barock Stormbeard of the Stormbeard clan, who has led this group for ages, it seems. The group’s latest information is having to deal with a deity trying to return to the Material Plane.

Moradin charges his followers with the task of removing the kingdoms of orcs and wiping out the followers of Gruumsh. He is upset if they flee from their foes or kill their fellow dwarves.

Moradin’s clerics wear earthy colors, with chain mail and silvered helms. His clerics are usually drawn from family lines, like most dwarven occupations.

Moradin is worshipped at forges and hearths. Melted metals are sacrificed to him monthly.

Moradin’s holy days fall during the crescent moon.

The Shrine of Moradin in Cauldron was a giant twelve-foot tall statue dedicated to the dwarven god by Dromlin Mortarsblud, founder of the Malachite Hold, seven centuries ago.

The Malachite Hold has long been the gathering place of all things dwarven in Cauldron. The dwarves always had a king that was usually a hereditary position – passed down from father to son. The dwarves of the Hold were known for their piousness and devotion to their god, and it was said Moradin was so pleased with the residents of the Hold that he, personally, visited them on many occasions and was fond of watching over their great forgeworks and blessing their craft at metal shaping.

Many stories exist of nightmares traveling up from the Underdark in an effort to capture, kill, enslave or just eat those who lived above ground – only to be met at the gates of the Hold (where it gets its name) and repulsed by the mighty dwarves who lived there.

Apparently a break in the royal line lead to civil war among the dwarves in 186 CY. Martorn Helmsmark claimed rights to the throne as his sister-in-law was the great-great grand niece of the late king’s late grand-uncle. Half the dwarves in the Hold agreed this link was too thin and the High Priest Delkin Boorsmal rallied the Church of Moradin to claim rulership over the Hold. In the end, the followers of Delkin removed the statue of Moradin from the Hold and took it out to the jungle somewhere.

It was at that point when the dwarves agreed Moradin had abandoned them as the priests and paladins of Moradin had lost their spells and the craftsmen faced much trouble at the forge. For the dwarves of Cauldron, all hope was lost.

Slowly, the dwarves left the Malachite Hold leaving it defenseless. The Gnomes of Jzadirune permanently sealed the Grande Stair that connected the two cities, as they were both unwilling and unable to defend that perilous connection to the Underdark.

Eventually, both dwarven factions dissolved and blended into the rest of the Cauldron populace or moved to Sasserine and beyond in search of a more worthy clan. Others fled to the mines outside of town. Only the Splintershield family has ever kept the faith and remembered the Hold and the glory days when Moradin himself strode amongst the dwarves and gave strength to their Great Forge!

A little over 75 years ago, the gnomish enclave of Jzadirune was struck by the mysterious Vanishing. Soon, the gnomish king, Beznod IV, sealed the great gates of Jzadirune which had also, long ago, connected the Grand Hall of the Malachite Hold to Jzadirune and the surface. This surface entry way to the two underground complexes was known as the Great Gate.

Sixty years ago, Drandel Aslaxin, father to the current Lord Zachary Aslaxin I, purchased the defunct Great Gate and built a fabulous hall of his own in its place. Later, Drandel passed the Hall on to his son, who, along with his wife, Margaret, built the quaint, yet upscale, dining establishment The Coy Nixie on top of the old Aslaxin Hall.

Fifty years ago, Xerlon Splintershield, eldest son of Davked, made big news in the Cauldron area by commanding a large cadre of mercenaries in the jungles surrounding the city in order to locate the lost shrine to Moradin, god of the dwarves. Built at the time of Cauldron’s founding, the Holy Shrine of Moradin had been lost to the hungry vegetation of the Amedio Jungle. Xerlon, driven by a bout of religious zeal, took his band of loyal followers and hired a small army of mercenaries to comb the jungle outside the city . The shrine was finally re-discovered and the bloodthirsty pack of bugbears who had made the shrine their home were eventually annihilated. The shrine had remained in operation for a full twenty years after that until the local Caldronites moved their Moradin worship to the more accessible Splintershield Hall in the city itself. Now the jungle has reclaimed the lost shrine once again.

Update! Recently, Braenna and the Moonhowlers rediscovered the Holy Shrine of Moradin! The great statue of the dwarven god had been hauled into a tunnel complex under Cauldron by forces unknown. When Drakthar and the goblins had taken over the complex, the goblins, incensed by the likeness of the god of their enemies, had broken the head off the statue, defaced it and rolled it down a long hallway – far away from the statue’s desecrated body. At this point, Braenna is trying to find a way to get the mammoth statue back into the Malachite Hold. She has spoken to two stone masons, Argos Bes of Cauldron, and Otmund Snægnúp of Sasserine, to see which one would be best for the job.


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