Kopru Ruins

The Kopru Ruins are the remains of an ancient civilization located beneath Cauldron. The Kopru were an amphibious, underdark dwelling race which once ruled a great portion of the region. Long before humanity had settled the peninsula, the ancient Ketch, D’Kana, Yaun-Ti and troglodytes, all vied for territory in the wild jungle. It was not until the demons invaded the area did these ancient races die out, including the Kopru residing within Cauldron volcano.

The ruins were rediscovered several years ago by the Cult of the Ebon Triad, which soon set these caverns up as their base of operations.

The ruins consist of a series of strange, cyclopean, half-melted looking structures emerging from a rock wall on the shore of a great underground lake. It is evident from exploring the ruins that they once extended far further, but time and geological activity has limited what is still accessible. A clever rope winch and gondola system with winch stations both at the base of the ruins and at the entrance about 120 feet above allows entrance to the ruins-proper. Many dangerous traps abounded inside the ruins, although most appeared to have been set by the present inhabitants themselves rather than by the ancient Kopru.

The Moonhowlers eventually traced the stolen wands of Control Water to the ruins, and, hence, the Ebon Triad where the champions of all that is good won the day and brought low the forces of evil. Now the ruins lie quiet once more.

Kopru Ruins

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