Kenric's Reports

Kenric’s report to Canons on Mors Frigis

“Tell my Brother they made me do it” — Final Words of Maximilian Weer

Introduction and statement of situation

As it usually does, it started with a monkey. During one of our early adventures we encountered one of Maximillian Weer’s “pets”, the monkey Smoke. Smoke led us to a ruined, burned-out building where we discovered a bone scroll and a badly damaged spell primer. This primer belonged to none other than Maximilian Weer. Being the inquisitive sort, and concerned to the fate of one of his academy fellows, I set about solving the mystery of Maximilian Weer’s location.

My research led me to searching the rooms of both Weer and another wizard named Fetor Abradius. During the investigation I located an ancient stone archway in Abradius’s quarters. While translating the runes carved into the arch, we accidentally activated the portal. I’m sure the Canon’s are aware of what transpired next.

Apparently the Blue Crater Academy was unaware of the existence of an extra-planar portal inside the Academy.

Planning and preparation procedures

Extensive preparations were made before I and my team breached the portal. The team consisted of the Moonhowlers, Canon Runedald, Celeste, and the Seekers and Rufus Laro of St. Cuthbert. Canon Mipswitch was in attendance and as will become clear later and was vital to the survival of the expedition.

As outlined in Attachment A – Experimentations, extensive and exacting experiments were designed and executed to ascertain the various properties of the plane. I encourage all interested parties to attend Kenric’s new 23 part lecture series: h2. Proper Experimentation Methods

Recap of planar adventures

This is a detailed description of the adventure in Mors Frigus. It describes the entrance procedures, the establishment of the beach head and the “away teams” exploration of the temple. It also includes all of the various accounts of the attack by the wights from the different parties involved. Mention that Weer was killed by Abraxius and/or the assassin.

Further details included in the second report.

Report on planar properties

Prime portal: Only one apparent portal, which was the prime one. Portal is two way and is only active for about 5 seconds. Activation is possible from both sides. Portal is inscribed with runes in the language of the ancient race we simply call, the Spellweavers. Deciphering the runes led to as yet unintelligible phrases. See Attachment B.

Prime portal command word: Spellweavers

Secondary portal: none known yet.

Relation: Unknown

Properties: cold, muddy, two miles in diameter. Plane doesn’t appear to be evil nor chaotic. The memory loss associated with the plane appears to be associated with the extreme cold. Those taking the proper precautions appeared unaffected by the memory loss. Those unprepared for the cold suffered impaired memories. Memory loss appears to be at least 1 minute, and likely is cumulative based upon the duration of exposure. Other mental effects are as yet unknown.

Narrative: The plane appears to be a featureless landscape with a chaotic mess of hillocks. The “ground” is comprised of odd brownish green mud slowly flowing from the edges to the center where the portal is located. The only structure other than the gate was a rectangular building ¾ of the way to the edge of the plane. The horizon appears to be equidistant from the portal in all directions.

The mud impeded movement unless appropriate precautions were taken. Additionally the mud contained a large number of mundane objects such as empty vials, boxes of Ingredients and so forth. The possibility of this demiplane being some sort of plane of garbage and mud is possible. Other theories include a place where spent spell components go. The mud also seemed to be “infinite”; constantly flowing from the edges towards the center. The origins of the mud and its contents is still unknown.

The rectangular building sits on a large hill to the “North” of the portal. Exploration of the structure yielded several interesting discoveries. A temple of sorts that appears to be dedicated to at least two chromatic dragons. This temple appears to have been used as a temporary base of operations for Fetor Abradius.

Note: My colleague, referred herein as LTW, decided that “North” oriented in the direction faced when entering the plane through the portal. Other forms of navigation reference were difficult due to the misty nature of the plane.

Conclusion: Mors Frigus is an interesting odd demi-plane. Further research revealed Mors Frigis in legends from thousands of years ago. The name is associated with an ancient race known as the “Spellweavers”. The Spellweavers as a race have long since died out, although they used to be the dominant race in the multiverse. History records them as having 6 arms, and being able to cast 6 spells simultaneously. They were known for setting up planar hubs and Mors Frigus was a reputed favorite. If Mors Frigus was indeed a planar hub, why were no other portals discovered other than the prime one? This remains a mystery.

It stands to reason that this plane has seen multiple inhabitants and has existed for a long time. There are still many mysteries associated with this plane and further research is warranted.

Thanks to two canons <mentioned name="true">, Celleste, Sasha, The Seekers of The Arcane, and the Moonhowlers.


Attachment A

Attachment A is a detailed plan for the experiments conducted in Mors Frigus, and the results of this experimentation.

Attachment B:

Detailed sketching of the runes on the portal.
Left phrase: A smoker inclined orb elevated its annoyed burning
Right phrase: Its reflecting ill meagerly bastardized if shaped properly

Kenric’s Secret Report to the Canons

Known information on Abraxas Abradius:

  • High level
  • Evil
  • May know Grallia
  • Assassinated Weer and converted him and the assassin into Wights

Weer’s activities and final words

  • Weer spied on Abradius and followed him into the plane. He was unable to return and was later killed by Abradius.
  • There was an assassin that was sent to kill Abradis but he turned, or was turned and killed Weer instead.
  • Mention of a “fishman”?
  • Final monolog of Weer

Reveal plans found on temple wall in plane.

  • Purpose and function?
  • Machine of war?
  • Threat to Cauldron?
  • Grallia or Abradius made these? Other?
  • Link to the “Blue Duke”? Other party?
  • How did Abradius move the portal to the BCA?
  • How did Abradius keep the activation of the portal secret?
  • When Kenric activated the portal it was known.
  • How did Abradius manage to disguise the portal’s activation.
  • How did the assassin enter the Academy undetected?
  • Academy may wish to review its security.
  • Is Grallia still a threat?
  • Outline Grallia’s involvement with the Ebon Triad
  • Grallia’s location unknown.
  • Grallia’s goals unknown
  • Possible link to the “Blue Duke”
  • Reports on the Ebon Triad’s thorough ass kicking at the hands of the Moonhowlers

Ebon Triad

  • Ebon Triad may still have residual operations here, in Sasserine and throughout the peninsula.
  • Ebon Triad’s immediate goals unclear. Long term goal is the raising of the “overgod”.

Deliver copy of the two above reports to to Meerthan.

Kenric's Reports

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