Kenric's Goals and Ambitions

Long Term

  • Generate contacts, allies, colleagues, etc within the intelligentsia, nobility, merchant class ,etc. The goal is to generate work, information, and allies in order to accomplish other goals.
    • Yathob – While not a Cauldron native, Yathob presents interesting possibilities if for no other purpose than information. Continue to play “chess” and so forth as time permits.
    • Keegan – Keegan could possibly be useful in the re-construction of Gnomeregon, which Kenric supports.
    • Bellerston Hamstock — As above. Assist as much as possible with the reconstruction of Gnomeregon
    • Nobles – Whoever, especially Lady Nolern and the party guy.
    • Skie – Work on this one some more. She probably has lots of info. Also see what stuff I can make for her and if she can get me wands and rods. Also see if they has locations of magic items that need recovery.
    • Seekers – Yeah, this is sort of on going. Kenric documents most magic items and turns it into the club. Whee.
    • BCA – Keep working the mages
    • Smooze Justin since her house burned down.

Medium Term

  • Assist the gnomes rebuilding Gnomeregon
  • Figure out how to get more spells out of the BCA people. Ask around in Kenric’s spare time. Advertise for spells, etc
  • See what I can learn about gnomish constructs so I can make my own. Help them research their technology and so forth. Learn how to repair the existing ones. Study the existing ones. Question Yathob, the creepers, and the gnomes on their operation, construction, etc.


  • Research our nemeses to find out what their powers are, and what their weaknesses are. Job for McCreedy?
  • Investigate potential Academy contacts, and/or academy related contacts.
  • Attend lectures if possible.
  • Continue personal Trait research

Kenric's Goals and Ambitions

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