Ghelves Locks

A small turret dominates the facade of this two-story black stone building. Iron bars are embedded in the thick window frames. Beyond the turret’s ground floor windows sits a lovely display of locks, from large to small, simple to complex. To the left of the turret, above a heave oak door, swings a simple sign that reads “Ghelve’s Locks.”

Ghelve’s Locks opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. It is also closed for about an hour around lunch time.

Kegan Ghelve charges a fair price for his locks in inventory. He has average, good and amazingly good locks in stock.

After Keygan’s trial and subsequent incarceration, the little gnome gave the Moonhowlers the keys to his store and asked them to look after it while he was away. The party has been using it as their base of operations during their assault on Jzadirune ever since.

A couple notes on the condition of the store:

Braeden has completely smashed Keygan’s lockbox and taken the better part of the coinage inside to The Lantern Street Orphanage. Keygan has condoned the action but does not know that his lockbox is destroyed nor that Braeden pocketed the small change.

Keygan’s grandfather clock has been destroyed by the corpse of a flying skulk.

Keygan’s notes on locks are being studied by Gerran.

Keygan’s spellbook was discovered by Smoke and is currently in the possession of Kenric,

Ghelves Locks

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