Cauldron City

Surrounded on all sides by a 50 –foot wall of natural malachite, the small city is populated by approximately 7,500 adults – three-quarters of which are human and one-tenth halfing.

The remainder are gnomes (5%), half-orcs (4%), dwarves (3%), elves (2%), and half-elves (1%).

The city is currently administered by the Lord Mayor Severen Navalant, the elected leader of the town, and the Council of Twelve, comprised of one member from each of the city’s noble houses.

The city is a very wealthy city as it does a lucrative trade in sugar and coffee as well as being a hub for many, many adventuring parties who travel from faraway to pit their strength against such local haunts as the Demonskar ruins, Shatterhorn and the Lair of Hookface.

Check out a close-up view of each section of the city:

Northwest Quadrant
Northeast Quadrant
Southeast Quadrant
Southwest Quadrant

While the Empire retains its presence in the city in the form of the local garrison, commanded by Terseon Skellerang and approximately 750 full-time soldiers, this law enforcement group generally deals with the mundane, day-to-day activities of keeping the peace. When it comes to greater threats, such as monster uprisings, occultist threats or mysteries that endanger the community, the Council of Twelve tend to by-pass the garrison and hire professional adventuring groups who naturally congregate in the area.

The courts, located in the town hall, are also controlled by the Imperial presence. A bevy of local judges see all manner of cases each day and a profitable business can be pursued in Cauldron as either lawyer or prosecutor. Cauldron’s laws are not unwieldy or overly-strict, but the death-penalty does not exist in the city. All those found guilty of crimes are sentenced to either community service or incarceration, depending upon the severity of the crime. There are a lot of repeat offenders.

Cauldron City

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