Breanna's Forge

Khardunn, the fist of Moradin

Journeymen’s piece created by Breanna

Dwarven craft, warhammer

3 special items

  • Piece of the Malachite Hold
  • Piece of the shrine to Moradin
  • The “sound of the hammer” as it strikes the forge. This sound is bent into the metal as the hammer is being made.
    *Piece of mitheral infused in weapon
    *Used hide that was given to me.

Look of the weapon: The hammer is shaped to look like a fist. On the sides of the hammer are pictures of Moradin’s face with his beard from each side coming down to form the hilt of the weapon.

Master Work Heavy Armor with enchantment
DC 18 ( increased to 28)
15000 Silver pieces

Regular Armor (estimated to take 15 weeks)
Week 1: Roll 20 + 26=46×28= 1288 silver
Week 2: Roll 2 (failed to make progress)
Week 3:

Armor Spikes (in process of making)
5000 copper, 15 DC.

Total rolled so far 690 copper.

Breanna's Forge

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