A Simple Job

Three young friends from Sasserine agree to help out circus owner, Shag Solomon. The task is to accompany and guard Derg Moental as he makes a delivery in faraway Seaton. The young friends get twenty gold admirals as a down payment for their services and another twenty when they return. Of course they are beginning to realize what they don’t know actually can hurt them.

Follow along as our group of intrepid adventurers try to “Thread the Eye of the Needle”.

In the words of Gentleman Derg Moental, “It’s just a simple job.”

The Story

  1. Session 1


  1. Sasserine
  2. Amedio Jungle


  1. Shag Solomon
  2. Derg Moenthal
  3. The Dragonsprit
  4. Humananity
  5. The Shar
  6. The Sea Princes


  1. St. Cuthbert
  2. Wee Jas
  3. Kord
  4. Fharlangn
  5. The Auzure Cathedral


A Timeline

Questions and Mysteries

A Simple Job

Thrice The Brinded Cat Thom