The Cusp of Sunrise

This high society club is a favorite place for Cauldron’s rich and powerful to meet and relax. Owned and operated by the elven noble Lady Ophella Knowlern who lives in Hollowsky.

It is located on Obsidian Avenue Northeast and is an ivy-covered, cross-shaped building with a circular tower that stretches as tall as the city walls. An engraved sign on the ironbound door says “C.o.S. — Members Only.” Soft laughter and music can often be heard from within.

The first personage anyone will meet the Cusp of Sunrise is its Majordomo Renjin, a tall bald man who often dresses in light blue robes.

Access to this establishment is by invitation only and its membership is quite exclusive.

Current drink menu:

• Speak With Dead (1 gp)
• Green Trousers (5 gp)
• Flame Strike (8 gp)
• Winsome Cleric (1.5 pp)
• Gallows Lurker (2 pp)
• Sasserine Sling (3 pp)
• Ogre Swill (8pp)
• Stirge Sipper (8 pp 5 gp)
• Lady Bird (9 pp)
• Vintage Fey Mead (100 gp)

Current Food Menu:

• Oystres en Grauey—oysters steamed in almond milk (5 sp)
• Brede—bread flavored with Red Mountain Ale (8 sp))
• Slowe Rosted Muttone – (1 gp)
• Caboches in Potage—stewed Cabbage flavored with cinnamon and cloves (2 gp.)
• Chawettys—tarts filled with spicy veal and dates (3 gp)
• Pigge Ffarced—stuffed roast suckling pig (5 gp 5 sp.)
• Goos in Sawse Madame—goose in a sauce of grapes and garlic (8 gp.)
• Rare Vennisonn, Saffrone Invused Graines and druide-tendered vedgetablas (10 gp)
• Crustade Lombarde—fruited custard in a pie (2 gp)
• Hippocras—spicy mulled wine (5 sp.)

Current Game ~ Gem Hunter

• Seat yourself at Gold, Platinum or Ingot tables
• Tables seat six
• Ante either 1gp, 1pp or 1 gold or platinum ingot (depending on the table you are at).
• Each round everyone rolls one die.
• Start with a 1d4.
• If you roll a 1 you have “snatched a gem” and trade up to a d6.
• Continue each round trying to roll a 1 and trading up: d8, d10, d12 and d20
• When you get to a d20, roll once.
• All others not rolling a d20 that round must pay you that result in gold, platinum or ingots.
• Pleasant conversation in between

The Cusp of Sunrise

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