Hold of the Sea Princes

The region that would become the Hold of the Sea Princes was heavily settled by Suel during the Great Migrations. Eventually it came under the control of the Kingdom of Keoland. In the mid-fifth century CY, a pirate captain of noble Keoish blood led a rebellion against the Throne of the Lion. Distracted as they were by their northern wars, the Keoish could do little to prevent them from conquering the isles off the coast. In 453 CY, King Tavish III of Keoland led an army through the hot, diseased Hool Marsh and to the city of Westkeep, where they lay siege. In the short conflict that followed, Tavish III died, and his legendary family sword, Vilharian, was lost.

After the pirates lost (somewhat indecisively) the Battle of Jetsom Island to Keoland in 464 CY, the pirate captains decided to settle down and be princes rather than brigands. The Hold of the Sea Princes began to flourish, with an economy based on vast plantations and the trade of slaves captured from the Amedio Jungle to the south.

The Sea Princes jealously guarded the riches of the Sasserine Jungle and began a campaign to remove evidence of the jungle land from the minds and histories of the rest of the Flanaess. Using their vast network of merchant-spies, the Princes used both magic and subterfuge to infiltrate the great libraries of the world and removed all written traces of the land, as well as modifying any maps they could find. To some degree, their ploy was successful.

More recently, however, Jeon II became the ruling prince of the land. Jeon II, along with the rulers of the Duchy of Berghof and Sybarate, began campaigning for slavery to be outlawed within the land. Perhaps their efforts would have met with some success if the Hold of the Sea Princes were not invaded by the Scarlet Brotherhood shortly thereafter.

An ambassador from the “Kingdom of Shar,” resplendent in his red hooded robe, arrived at the court of Jeon II, demanding the Sea Princes submit to his government or be destroyed. When the assembled lords mocked him, he presented them with a list of 30 petty nobles, who were all (save three) assassinated before the following morning. Within a fortnight, the Hold of the Sea Princes belonged to the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Today the Hold of the Sea Princes is in chaos, ruled by a number of petty warlords and savage tribal leaders drawn from the ranks of escaped slaves. The Scarlet Brotherhood still controls Monmurg, as well as the islands of Flotsom, Jetsom, and Fairwind.

Hold of the Sea Princes

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