Cudgel District

Cudgel District is primarily a residential district. Due to the vigilance of the local watch and the church of St. Cuthbert, it’s also the safest district in Sasserine. The citizens of Cudgel District know this, yet they are not a soft people; they remain ever vigilant to the threat of attack from without or from within.

Cudgel District’s representative nobles are the Taskerhills.

Representative Family: The Taskerhills
Major Church: St. Cuthbert

Cudgel District Locations

  1. Cudgel Lighthouse
  2. Streetsweeper’s Guildhall
  3. Carpenter’s Guildhall
  4. Tentooth’s Taphouse (tavern)
  5. Enad’s Trickery (curio shop)
  6. The Barrelhouse (tavern)
  7. Low Market (general goods)
  8. Fast Vera’s (tavern)
  9. Welcome Home (home sales)
  10. Bent Bertha’s (tavern)
  11. Little Sunrises (magical light sources)
  12. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  13. The Thrice-Born Phoenix (inn)
  14. Church of the Whirling Fury
  15. The Silverlode (tavern)
  16. Building By Design (construction)
  17. Eva’s Boat Rentals
  18. Tharvel’s Hides (fine hides and leather goods)
  19. The Legless Stork (tavern)
  20. Marshwarden’s Hall (guides for local marshes)
  21. Three Thin Cats (general goods)
  22. Black Crab (brewery)
  23. The Painted Hare (tavern)
  24. The Sacred Hound (dog trainers)
  25. Shrine of Fortubo (god of stone and guardianship)
  26. Shrine of Garl Glittergold
  27. Ratcatcher’s Guildhall
  28. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  29. Stonemason’s Guildhall
  30. The Whispering Anvil (tavern/inn)
  31. Shrine of Moradin
  32. Temple of St. Cuthbert (district church)
  33. Gondola Waystation
  34. Fishfood (tavern)
  35. Delthar’s Protections (fine weaponry)
  36. Selder’s Tales (cheap novels)
  37. Chimneysweep’s Guildhall
  38. Purifier’s Guildhall (watertower maintenance)
  39. The Rasp (tavern)
  40. The Unexpected Monkey (tavern)
  41. West Market (general goods, lumber, livestock)
  42. Sesker’s Whiskers (brewery)
  43. Cudgel Garrison Adjunct
  44. Stirge in the Stew (tavern)
  45. The Burning Dragon (inn)
  46. Gondola Waystation
  47. Cudgel District Hall of Records
  48. Taskerhill Manor (district representative)
  49. Cudgel Garrison
  50. Laughing Shark (brewery)
  51. Crab Pond Ale (brewery)
  52. Hathgak’s (general goods)
  53. Shrine of Yondalla
  54. House of Violets (monastery)
  55. Gilvery’s Goods (general goods)
  56. Lumberjacker Ale (brewery)
  57. Emerald Journeys (guides for the Amedio Jungle)

Cudgel District

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