Azure District

Azure District is Sasserine’s true waterfront. Consisting of two sections, Azure District also
houses the majority of the city’s slums and lowerclass citizens, although they aren’t quite as desperate a catch as those forced to live in Shadowshore. The western section of Azure District is primarily concerned with the city’s internal waterways, while the eastern section is home to the city’s booming whaling industry.

Azure District’s representative nobles are the Islarans. The family has held the post of harbormaster for many generations, although rumor holds that old Keltar Islaran’s getting on in
years and none of his children particularly want the job when he passes on.

Representative Family: The Islarans
Major Church: The Azure Cathedral
Watch: The Azure Watch
Other: The Azure Lighthouse,

Azure District Locations

  1. Islaran Manor (district representative)
  2. Best Bait and Deserts (bait and bakery)
  3. Dredger’s Guildhall
  4. Nate’s Nets (nets, fine fishing equipment)
  5. The Empty Grave (tavern)
  6. The Bloodthirsty Pelican (tavern/inn)
  7. Kellani Manor (minor noble)
  8. Bizwor’s Balms (medicine and seasickness cures)
  9. Pearldiver’s Guildhall
  10. The Gull’s Nest (brothel)
  11. Ropemaker’s Guildhall
  12. Azure Garrison
  13. East Market (general goods, seafood, animals)
  14. The Mermaid’s Secret (brothel)
  15. Whaleworks (fine scrimshaw art)
  16. Azure Cathedral (district church)
  17. The Sasserine Sleigh Ride (tavern/brothel)
  18. Finback Whaling
  19. Inker’s Guildhall (tattoo artists)
  20. Sasserine Whaling
  21. The Drunken Dolphin (whaler tavern)
  22. Whaler’s Guildhall
  23. Red Sea Whaling
  24. Fishmonger’s Guildhall
  25. Azure Lighthouse

Azure District

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