Thrice The Brinded Cat

Where There Is Smoke

Starday, Ariday 18, CY 593

We were bored. So, we decided to go to the performance at the Lakeside Pavilion.  Unfortunately we were low on funds, which wasn’t unusual these days, and so we had to peek under the tent to see the performance.

Trial By Fire

Sunday, Ariday 19, CY 593 

The next morning Gerran went to Oils Well lamp shop to run the errand that his mother had asked him to do.

Mimic See Mimic Do

Moonday Ariday 20, CY 593 

Kenric met with his old teacher Sasha at the academy and learned that Smoke was the familiar to Maximillian Weer, a professor at the academy and brother to Vortimax Weer, an elixir merchant and alchemy instructor at The Bluecrater Acadamy.


Godsday Ariday 21, CY 593 

The very next morning we continued to explore the city of Jzadirune. During one of our tours we discovered a room with several monstrously huge spiders .

A Needed Rest

Waterday Ariday 22, CY 593 

This day was spent selling loot at Belios’ and Tygot’s as well as recuperating at the lockshop.

Listens To Wind

Earthday Ariday 23, CY 593 

Braenna went to Phalian Gurnezarn’s smithy to drop off the group’s gold and to store some of her newly found treasures in a secured safe place. Meanwhile, the rest of the group

Lifes Bazaar

Freeday Ariday 24, CY 593 

The next day, Listens to Wind woke up with a hangover.

The Harvest Festival

Starday Ariday 25, CY 593 

This morning the Crier’s Guild posted announcements of the Harvest Festival. Before heading to the festivities

Back to the Hold

Earthday Reapingday 2, CY 593 

After 18 days doing various things the group met at Ghelves Locks in the morning.

Much ado about Jil

Freeday Reapingday 3, CY 593  

Today, Kenric tried to identify the walking stick we had found in the Malachite Hold and he realized the angel on the head of the staff screws off and inside he discovered a cavity. Inside the cane was a glass vile with liquid in it sealed shut by a stopper.


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