Thrice The Brinded Cat

Down Under the Ground

Godsday, Rainyday 14, CY 593

The next morning Kenric went to the Coy Nixie to get paid his 500 gold coin for working at the the ball. The Aslaxins were so pleased with Kenric’s work as a barkeep they gave him an extra 200 gold bonus. After that, he wandered over to The Tipped Tankard to meet the rest of us for breakfast. After breakfast we all went to Gurnezarn’s Smithy, my mentor, to sell the metal armor and weapons we had looted from the bandits at The Lucky Monkey.

Inn and Out of Trouble

Moonday, Rainyday 13, CY 593

The night passed peacefully. In the morning the party let the four prisoners out of the safe room to eat, drink and use the facilities. I had slept soundly and I didn’t turn into a were-creature (let’s hear it for small miracles) but Braedon cast remove disease on me just to be safe.

Baboons and Booty Call

Sunday, Rainyday 12, CY 593

Gerran and Listens to Wind continue to scout the Lucky Monkey. They spy more Suel tribesmen and Alleybashers inside and it appears an orc is in charge. Having snuck around the back of the Inn and using the dense foliage for cover, the pair clearly see through the windows the orc leader hanging out in the kitchen with a trio of very large baboons. In the orc’s hand is the severed head of an old man. As he turns they realize the leader is actually a half-orc – and they watch in horror as the half-orc rips out the tongue of the severed head and pops it into his mouth, chewing on it with unbridled satisfaction.

The Night of the Ball

Starday, Rainyday 11, CY 593

Kenric is tending bar. Braenna and Gerran are in the retainer’s room. Braedon , Listens to Wind and Justin are in the ball room.

Too Long Away Flood Away
Flood begins

Godsday, Rainyday 7, CY 593

There are two events today. The Great Monster Hunt and the Drinking Contest Part 2. It’s the Second Day of the Flood Festival . . .

Flood Festival Begins

Moonday, Rainyday 6, CY 593

When dawn breaks it is pouring down rain. Moonday. First Day of the Flood Festival.

A Rest Week V

Gerran ‘discovered’ 137 silver coins and 23 gold ones during his nightly ventures this week Seventeen of the silvers were marked with the Jester.

A Rest Week IV

Gerran continued to scour the streets of Cauldron for loose coin and loose talk.

A Rest Week III

Earthday 30

While working at the forge I heard the gurgling of a creek, children laughing, and animals. However, as soon as we are quiet — there is nothing.

A Rest Week II

Week of Sunday, Reapingday 20 – Starday, Reapingday 25, CY 593


Kenric was informed he had a visitor. Felion was standing there. “Kenric, my employer Tyro would like to meet with you and the Moonhowlers. The meeting might take all morning.“


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