Thrice The Brinded Cat

To Have a Hold

Godsday Reapingday 7, CY 593  

The next morning Gerran and I went to the barracks to turn in the goblin ears to Captain Skellerang. On the way we ran into Edith who told us the court date for our two latest prisoners is at ten bells. We nodded and then made our way into the barracks. We handed the bag of ears over to the Captain. He checked them again and then handed them back. He pulled out an ink quill and scribbled out a note. He handed the parchment to Gerran and indicated we needed to take it to Edith.

The Interference of Embril

Moonday Reapingday 6, CY 593 (Part II)  

It was about a half hour later when Charlie and his patrol showed up. We were surprised to see Justin and her patrol had arrived at Orak’s Bathhouse, as well, since they were off duty. Soon Teerson Skellerang arrived along with ten other guardsmen. I chuckeld under my breath when I realized that Doug and Bob were among the guardsmen arriving.

Filtchers, Goblins and Vamps

Moonday Reapingday 6, CY 593 (Part I)  

The rain has returned this morning. It is dark as the group meets to again battle the challenges of the deep. We are geared for battle and are ready to thwart our new nemesis.

Buffy up

Sunday Reapingday 5, CY 593  

In order to make the purchases we divided the money we had been saving and we began to shop

Down The Stairs

Starday Reapingday 4, CY 593  

As the morning sun rose the mist burned off and the day looked to be a scorcher.

Much ado about Jil

Freeday Reapingday 3, CY 593  

Today, Kenric tried to identify the walking stick we had found in the Malachite Hold and he realized the angel on the head of the staff screws off and inside he discovered a cavity. Inside the cane was a glass vile with liquid in it sealed shut by a stopper.

Back to the Hold

Earthday Reapingday 2, CY 593 

After 18 days doing various things the group met at Ghelves Locks in the morning.

The Harvest Festival

Starday Ariday 25, CY 593 

This morning the Crier’s Guild posted announcements of the Harvest Festival. Before heading to the festivities

Lifes Bazaar

Freeday Ariday 24, CY 593 

The next day, Listens to Wind woke up with a hangover.

Listens To Wind

Earthday Ariday 23, CY 593 

Braenna went to Phalian Gurnezarn’s smithy to drop off the group’s gold and to store some of her newly found treasures in a secured safe place. Meanwhile, the rest of the group


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