Thrice The Brinded Cat

A Rest Week IV

Gerran continued to scour the streets of Cauldron for loose coin and loose talk.

A Rest Week III

Earthday 30

While working at the forge I heard the gurgling of a creek, children laughing, and animals. However, as soon as we are quiet — there is nothing.

A Rest Week II

Week of Sunday, Reapingday 20 – Starday, Reapingday 25, CY 593


Kenric was informed he had a visitor. Felion was standing there. “Kenric, my employer Tyro would like to meet with you and the Moonhowlers. The meeting might take all morning.“

A Rest Week I

Week of Sunday Reapingday 12 – Sunday, Reapingday 19 CY593


After a busy few days of adventuring we decided to stay closer to home to work on some personal projects we all had been putting off.

Tour De Gnome

Sunday Reapingday 12, CY 593  

The next morning a hawk landed and had a message for Listens to Wind. He read the message, which was a formal invitation asking him to attend the Demonskar Ball. As the current Elparg Champion, he was to be a guest of honor. LTW quickly scrawled a message, “Me will be there.” and stamped the broken wax seal with the hilt of his sword. He gave the message back to the hawk and sent it away.

Party at Pelor

Starday Reapingday 11, CY 593  

During the day we all continued to work on our various projects. That night at the “Meet The Moonhowers” party, we are first to arrive. Soon every single member of the congregation is there. Minutes before the party begins Jenya and Rufus arrive. Jenya is dressed nicely. Slowly people begin to trickle in.

A Calling

Freeday Reapingday 10, CY 593  

Braeden meditated and worked on the event.

I began working on my journeyman hammer.

Yet Another Day

Earthday Reapingday 9, CY 593  

Kenric finished memorizing his spell. He found the Academy was abuzz because the new jobs had been posted. The jobs board was stuffed. The jobs were mostly the usual, mundane jobs. Kenric sorted them by value and looked for ones that would pay.

Proceed With Caution

Waterday Reapingday 8, CY 593  

The next morning Braedonwent to the top of the spire of the Church of Pelor, stripped naked and began his meditation.

To Have a Hold

Godsday Reapingday 7, CY 593  

The next morning Gerran and I went to the barracks to turn in the goblin ears to Captain Skellerang. On the way we ran into Edith who told us the court date for our two latest prisoners is at ten bells. We nodded and then made our way into the barracks. We handed the bag of ears over to the Captain. He checked them again and then handed them back. He pulled out an ink quill and scribbled out a note. He handed the parchment to Gerran and indicated we needed to take it to Edith.


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