Todd Vanderboren


Male, human aristocrat 1/rogue 3; Hps 26, AC 17.


Now Todd was always a foul kid, known for insulting the other kids he had the displeasure of speaking with and then cackling loudly at their discomfort.  He’s a little too thin for his frame, has a weak chin and a long face which makes him look a bit like a weasel, his eyes are watery and his hair too short and brown; his clothes are well made but he wears them without grace.  Todd once lived like the rest of you, in middle-class anonymity until the famous plague of ten years ago took both of his parent’s lives.  He was adopted by the Vandoerboren’s soon after, the newest nobles in town.   Lady Aeberrin and Lord Premicah Vanderboren were not born wealthy, but, as rumor would have it, hard work and a keen eye for business catapulted the couple into the public eye, and the Lord Mayor appointed the title of noble to the couple several years back.  Todd, however, grew none the better for the new role.  Now he sits and frowns, not once looking at the dwarven speaker even once – rather he seems to feign interest in the occasional words spoken to him by Cora and all the while, stealing furtive glances at the beautiful young girl sitting on the other side of him.

Todd Vanderboren

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