Tyro Amberhelm


A wealthy merchant from Sasserine and employer of Fellian and Fario. The merchant seems to have taken some interest in the Moonhowlers as his elven caravan guards aided the party during their defeat of Kazmojen. When asked about their intervention, the elves simply stated that their paths shared the same route for a bit.

After the battle with Kazmojen, Kenric attempted to contact the elves, but to no avail.

Later, after Drakthar had been defeated, the elves reappeared once more and told Braenna and Braeden that their employer, Tyro, wished to see them.

Braeden, Braenna and LTW met with Tyro and the elves as the Drunken Morkoth one evening. Tyro didn’t reveal much, except that he felt he and the Moonhowlers appeared to be “traveling the same road” for the time being and that he had an interest in them. He gave Braeden a substantial amount of gold to help fund the “Meet the Moonhowlers” event at the Church of Pelor.

Tyro and the elves were also present at the Meet the Moonhowlers event.


Tyro Amberhelm

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