Triel Eldurast


Ex-city guard who was captured in CY 591 during an attempt to murder the Lord Mayor of Cauldron, Severen Navalant. Soon after, Triel escaped from the Cauldron jail and has not been seen since.

Thrice The Brinded CatMoonhowler Update! Gerran heard a rumon that someone recognized Triel down at the lakeshore in recent weeks.

Thrice The Brinded CatMoonhowler Update! While chasing down a distress call at the Lucky Monkey from Sarcem Dellasharn, High Priest of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron, the Moonhowlers discovered that Triel was, indeed, alive and well and has amassed a small army comprised of a local Suel tribesmen and displaced Alleybashers. She now works for a bizarre religious cult, known as the Ebon Triad, and have been working hard, by hook or by crook, to acquire funds. Her scheme involved ambushing Father Delarharn on his way back from Sasserine and stealing the eight Control Water wands the good padre had procured. She and her band of hoodlums killed Sarcem Delasharn and his retinue, along with the owners and all of the guests at the Lucky Monkey Inn, but not before a plea for help could be sent back to Jenya in Cauldron. When the Moonhowlers arrived, they found a few of Triel’s new lackeys, led by her pet were-baboon, Tongueater, still hanging around the Inn. The good guys made short work of the bad guys and then followed Triel’s trail back to Cauldron.

Thrice The Brinded CatMoonhowler Update! The Moonhowler’s prevail! Chasing Triel to her evil cult headquarters in the Kopru Ruins beneath Cauldron, they infiltrated the place, killed or arrested most of her “army” and put Triel behind bars once again. The Second Trial of Triel will go down in Cauldron legend as one of the more noteworthy and bizarre events to grace the city.


Triel Eldurast

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