Tenacious Tendencies


CC Runderson dwarven fighter 14: Hps 127, AC 33.  Tender elven sorceress 1, ranger 7, arcane archer 6: hps 93, AC 27.


Tenacious Tendencies is actually a famous adventuring duo made up of the dwarven battle master, CC Runderson, and the lovely elven archer, Tender.  When we first meet this couple, they are under the Lakeside Pavillion, entertaining a crowd of Cauldronites with tales of their latest adventures against King Snurre Ironbelly of the Hellfurnaces.


“Oh, the beast was there, all right,”  CC was telling the crowd with an exaggerated swoop of his arm.  “We could smell its stench, and as you all know, nothing smells worse than a chimera during molting season.”  Most in the crowd smiled with feigned looks of knowledge and nodded and grinned to each other and murmured acknowlegements at this comment.

“Ya…riiight,” you think to yourselves, “none of this bunch has ever seen a chimera in their lives and probably wouldn’t even know one if it bit them three times on the hiney!”

But that really didn’t matter to the crowd because they had come here tonight and paid good gold coin for a chance to see CC Runderson and his partner Tender tell the tale of their recent foray into the realm of the Hellfurnaces and the duchy of the fire giant, King Snurre.  So far in tonight’s tale, the famous pair had saved an entire Halfling fishing village from the clutches of Snurre’s salamander thralls, scaled the slopes of Mount Shagarra, ran afoul of a den of grumpy magma sprites and were now stalking the ancient chimera, Scald, inside its cavelike lair without a torch and in the dead of night.  CC’s tale had the crowd mesmerized – and he knew it.


Tenacious Tendencies

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