Male Gnoll Huecuva Cleric of Eurythnul
Level 4
Hp 42
Init 0
Sp 20
AC 21, Tocu 10, FF 21
BA 4, Grp +9
Attack +10 (2d4
Huecuva Blight, Spells, Rebuke/Command Undead, Dark Vision 60’, Turn Resistance +2, DR 10/silver, Divine Conversion
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +1, Wil +7
Str 20, Dex 10, Con —, Int 7, Wil 17, Cha 13

Tarkilar was a gnoll priest of Eurythnul hailing from the powerful Klaktaru gnoll tribe which occupies a large stretch of wild jungle along the Red River deep in the jungle southwest of the town of Redgorge.

In recent years the tribe had strayed from its worship of The Many, as Eurythnul was known amongst gnolls, and turned to ever greater worship of a headless demon.

Tarkilar eventually left the tribe to haunt the edges of the great human city of Sasserine where he searched for true followers and feasted on the stray humans who wandered into the jungle and away from the safety of the city walls.

While hunting the jungle he came upon a lone fire giant smith named Ti’irok Coalfire and the two began an uneasy truce. Tarkilar spoke to Ti’irok of The Many until the giant could stand it no longer. But, instead of stomping on the tiresome gnoll, the giant smith introduced him to his human employer, Grahlia Cairnis.

Grahlia mercifully took Tarkilar away from the jungle, and away from Ti’irlok so that the giant could concentrate on his foul work.

Soon Tarkilar found himself in the human city of Cauldron where he became the third member of a cell of the Ebon Triad along with Grahlia and a nasty halfling named Skaven Umbermead.

When the Triad members moved to a large complex of underground ruins under the city of Cauldron, Tarkilar was given a section of the complex that was inhabited by two ancient undead dwarves. It infuriated Tarkilar that he was unable to exert dominance over the two worm-ridden corpses and his encounters with the pair nearly killed him on several occasions.

Tarkilar’s interest in the twin spawn of Kyuss, as he later determined them to be, became an obsession. At first Tarkilar animated every corpse the Triad came upon during their illicit activities under Cauldron. His thought was if he could prove his might and power of an army of undead, perhaps that would be enough to break the will of the Spawn and bring them under his control. When this failed, Tarkilar commanded his guards to move the remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex – bone by bone – into his complex, where he animated the horrible creature. While the massive and impressive skeleton did absolutely nothing to affect the two dead dwarves, the large animated skeleton did serve as a nice rear-guard to Tarkilar’s domain within the ruins.

Eventually Tarkilar decided that his only hope of ever commanding these powerful Spawn was to become undead himself. To that end, the gnoll researched the process of becoming a vampire. His studies yielded much success. He was even aided in his endeavors by Mhad, a local and powerful vampire. But, ultimately, he was betrayed by Mhad and his final experiment was sabotaged by the ancient vampire resulting in a massive explosion which killed Tarkilar and caved in a sizable section of the Kopru ruins.

Tarkilar’s unfulfilled quest to become a vampire somehow sustained him after death and he rose from the dead to become an undead huecuva. His ties to Eurythnul were severed but his new state allowed him to retain some of his former power. Even the Ebon Triad continued on with him as if he had not actually perished.

Accompanied only by his once-familiar Gutterrut, Tarkilar wandered in his caves and tried to remember what he was all about. Slowly he lost his tenuous grip on reality – spurred on by Gutterrut, his quasit familiar, who had turned invisible and endlessly spoke to Tarkilar as if from within his own head. Tarkilar’s rotting body also began to fuse and overlap with his armor and magical spiked chain weapon that he always carried with him.

In the end, Tarkilar was a pitiful creature. Driven insane, drooling and slowly losing any semblance of thought or memory. Gutterrut had even stolen the Wand of Water Control Triel had given him for safekeeping. Poor Tarkilar had searched for the wand for a few hours before he forgot about the thing completely.

It was a blessing when the Moonhowlers finally stumbled upon his moldering cave. Gutterrut was in the middle of a long discourse, pretending to be Tarkilar’s own conscious and torturing the tattered remains of his soul. Tark’s powers had diminished drastically from his once former glory and a small part of his mind and soul that were still active even welcomed the true death that the Moonhowlers brought to him. The fight lasted just a few second and then….it was over.



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