Skaven Umbermead


Male Halfling Wizard-Diviner (Lvl 7)
Hp 26
Init +2
Spd 20
AC 14; Touch 13; FF 12
BA +3 Grp -3
Saves: Fort +4, Ref +5, Wil +8
Str 6, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 10
Languages: Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Elven, Gnoll, Halfling

Skaven was born and raised (both quite badly) on the streets of Sasserine. His father was the infamous Rungered Umbermead, bard and personal assistant to Regent Jon the Redbeard. Redbeard was the son of Jeon II, the ruling prince of The Hold of the Sea Princes, and was placed in Sasserine by his father to act as the ruling magistrate. Redbeard took full advantage of the position and ruled the city, and the entire peninsula by default, by showing utter disdain for its populace and indulging in every known form of debauchery known to mankind.

While Redbeard’s father, Jeon II, appeared to be spearheading a campaign to end the booming slave-trade in the Hold, his son secretly had no such desires and continued to round up native Suel and Olman tribesmen and the occasional non-Suel who was down on their luck, and sold them secretly en-mass to many of the other Sea Princes.

Nine years ago, in 584 CY, an ambassador from the “Kingdom of Shar,” resplendent in his red hooded robe, arrived at the court of Jeon II, demanding the Sea Princes submit to his government or be destroyed. When the assembled lords mocked him, he presented them with a list of 30 petty nobles, who were all (save three) assassinated before the following morning. Within a fortnight, the Hold of the Sea Princes belonged to the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

One of the names on that list was Jeon’s son, Jon the Redbeard. The attack that morning was swift and decisive. The cadre of Scarlet Brotherhood monks secretly infiltrated Redbeard’s seaside manse and assassinated him over breakfast. The monks spared Redbeard’s entire staff and his harem as they all but stood by and watched the grisly proceedings, but Rungered gallantly stood up to the assassins (knowing full-well where his bread was buttered) and was swiftly butchered before he could completely draw his knife.

After the slaying of Redbeard and Rungered, the monks, following their strange bloody code, tracked down Rungered’s family who lived in lavish apartments in the heart of Sasserine, and killed all they found there. Skaven was the only Umbermead family member not at home during the attack and so he survived.

Devastated, the young halfling fled the city and eventually wound up in the pirate town of Thexlan, far to the east of Sasserine where he fell in with followers of Vecna. While in Thexlan he also developed a morbid fascination with spiders.

Over the next few years Skaven grew weary and discontent with the worship of Vecna and its restrictive tenets. His disillusionment eventually led him to Grehlia Cairnis, a fellow “priest” who was also finding Thexlan’s Vecna cult lacking. Together the pair ended up back in Sasserine where they immersed themselves in the city’s plentiful underground movements. It was there, in Sasserine, where Grehlia first discovered the Ebon Triad. Soon they discovered Tarkilar, a malcontent gnoll worshiper of Eurythnul and the three moved to Cauldron to begin a Triad cell there.

Their first year in Cauldron was spent operating out of the basement of Beatix Manor as they slowly gained followers and assimilated power, all the while pursuing research into the raising of the Overgod. But soon Grehlia began distancing herself from the others, claiming to have discovered powerful allies and that she needed time to work through delicate relations before she could introduce the entire Triad to them.

Her new allies and benefactors showed Grahlia the Kopru ruins under Cauldron and the Triad moved into their new digs shortly thereafter. The years spent in the Kopru ruins were especially pleasing to Skaven. While he saw less and less of his fellow cultists, he soon discovered the caves held plentiful nests of spiders, which suited him just fine. Eventually he made his greatest discovery and made contact with Goro, an impressively large and rare harpoon spider. Not only was this magnificent beast exceptionally powerful, it was also quite intelligent and easily conversed with Skaven.

Skaven was so preoccupied with his new arachnid allies that he paid very little attention when Grahlia’s meetings with the mysterious new allies stretched into extended outings which then stretched into prolonged absences and then finally resulted in her abandonment of the Ebon Triad, altogether.

Tarkilar paid a rare visit to Skaven one day and told him they needed to recruit a third member to help them run the Triad. Skaven was distracted and only half-heartedly helped the gnoll in the recruitment process. Eventually they ended up with Triel Eldurast as their chosen replacement and were able to spring her from the Cauldron jail where she was doing time for murder and the attempted assassination of the Lord Mayor.

With Triel in the group, Skaven could finally get back to his real passion – studying spiders and he paid very little attention to his Overgod research. Nor did he pay much mind when during one of their Triad meetings Triel announced that Tarkilar was dead. Since Tarkilar was sitting at the table with them at the time, Skaven brushed the comment aside and didn’t think anything of it. Skaven just nodded a few months later when Triel announced that their following of Cauldronites had lost interest in the Cult and had all but dissolved back into the populace. He also paid no attention when Triel announced that they were broke. He paid even less attention to Triel’s wild plan to use the Cauldron Flood Festival as a means of extorting money from the city by stealing the Control Water Wands and holding them hostage.

Skaven was at first annoyed and then shocked a while later when his spider complex was infiltrated by outsiders. When the Moonhowlers invaded his apartments and killed off the guards Triel had assigned to his area of the Kopru ruins, Skaven got a little angry and fled to his spider sanctuary. But when the Moonhowlers managed to follow him into his spider lair, defeat his spider and ettercap guardians he flew into a murderous rage.

Climbing onto the back of his best friend, the harpoon spider Goro, Skaven charged into battle, fully confident that he would annihilate his attackers. When the Moonhowlers killed Goro in battle, Skaven went into shock. The Moonhowlers then easily captured the halfling and threw him into a jail cell in the Malachite Hold where he sits to this day, his once great and clever mind, now irrevocably broken.


Skaven Umbermead

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