Severn Navalant

Lord Mayor of Cauldron


Severen is Lord Mayor of Cauldron, member of the City Council and head of House Navalant.

Lord Mayor Severn Navalant is, as his title would indicate, the Lord Mayor of Cauldron. The Navalant family has held the position of Lord Mayor in Cauldron for two centuries now, and while the Lord Mayor is generally elected from among the noble families, this has been merely a ceremonial act for the last century. The Lord Mayor is a charismatic widower who did a bit of adventuring in his younger days, and has been well liked by both the commoners and the nobility until recently, however the recent significant tax increase has hurt his popularity somewhat. The Lord Mayor is referred to derisively by his detractors (mainly those the taxes have hit hardest) as Fatty Navalant.

Lord Mayor Severn Navalant rules Cauldron in conjunction with the Council of Twelve.

In recent years, Lord Ankhin Taskerhill has been working with some success to increase his influence so that he might successfully rise to the position of Lord Mayor the next time an election is called for.

Braeden and Braenna recently attended a meeting of the heads of clergy in which the Mayor attended.

Severn Navalant

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