Pryllak Shyraat

Durzagon slaver from the Underdark




Pryllak is a nasty beast from the Underdark who has traveled upwards to the Malachite Hold in order to purchase children from Kazmojen’s slave market. His traveling companions included an immense Barbaric Cave Ogre (which was instantly slain by Lord Orbius) and two disgusting lemures (which were slain by Gerran and the Moonhowlers).

Pryllak had purchased three children from Kaz and was negotiating the price of the last child, when the Moonhowlers arrived and put a damper on the transaction. When violence broke out, Pryllak grabbed his three slave-children and tried to leave. Eventually Gerran stopped him, and together, with the help of a newly escaped Korstyn Pyke, they managed to divest him of the children. Pryllak, however, disappeared and eventually escaped the Hold.

The Moonhowlers cost Pryllak dearly and if I were them, i would be on the lookout for a crafty Durgazon with a mind for vengeance.

Earlier, the Moonhowlers had learned from Isky, the mimic, that Pryllak’s mother had been a deep gnome, but his father had been a devil.

Pryllak Shyraat

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