Janitor of the Lantern Street Orphanage


58-year old male half-orc commoner 1/rogue 1; hps 8, AC 11.


Patch is a quiet and simple soul. Loved by the children of the orphanage, Patch lives in the cellar of the building and tirelessly tends to the odd chores that crop up each day.

Unfortunately, Patch has a tendency to put his trust in shady characters. Over the last few years, he has befriended a wily halfling named Revus Twindaggers. Revus is a member of The Last Laugh guild.

Under pressure and a volley of questions delivered by Braenna, Patch finally came clean – under the conditions Braenna not tell on him – especially to headmistress Gretchyn Tashykk. Patch admitted that Revus had paid him 50 gold coin to keep an eye on one of the children at the Orphanage, Terrem Kharatys.

While Patch didn’t know who had taken the children, he has suspected the Last Laugh due to their interest in Terrem. He said he didn’t know why the Last Laugh was interested in the boy, only that it had something to do with his dead parents.

Patch hasn’t seen Revus in several months and doesn’t know where he lives or how to contact him. He also doesn’t know how to reach the Last Laugh guild.


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