Orak Stonehaven


Orak retired as an adventurer a number of years ago. Having visited Cauldron many times in the past, he decided the place would be a good place to hang up his boots. One of Orak’s prize possessions from his adventuring years was a magical Decanter of Endless Water and he used the device as a means to operate his famous bathhouse in Cauldron.

The Moonhowlers received a tip from Jil (presumably of the Last Laugh’s Thieves Guild) that they should check out the bathhouse if they were looking for clues pertaining to the mysterious graffiti popping up around town.

During their investigations, the Moonhowlers confronted Orak at the bathhouse, but were then jumped by a band of wererats. In the middle of the battle, Orak turned on the party, but was quickly incapacitated. The Moonhowlers turned Orak into the Town Guard who arrested Orak and was later found guilty for aiding the graffiti artists.

Orak Stonehaven

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