Maximillian Weer

Previous master of Smoke, Conjuration instructor at the Bluecrater Academy, brother to Vortimax - Deceased


One of the instructors at the School of Conjurations and Summonings within the Bluecrater Academy in Cauldron. The brother to Vortimax Weer, an instructor in the School of Alchemy, Maximillian was also the former master to the monkey, Smoke.

Max died last year in a fiery accident while sleeping in his bedroom in the Academy. The accident was caused by a magical experiment gone-awry in the bedroom directly below him.

Max was known in the Academy as a bit of a kook and had a theory about the cruelty of using summoning magic on other living creatures. Kenric and Sasha and Smoke visited Max’s burnt-out bedroom in an attempt to find out more about his connection with the monkey, Smoke, and a burnt book spine to his personal spell primer.

Within Max’s desk, Kenric found an intact journal with crazy notes scribbled throughout. The notes were mostly a rant against the arcane school of Summoning. Maximillian appeared to have had quite the beef with those using summoning spells, claiming the spells unjustly kidnapped souls from other “places” and forced them to do the summoners bidding. An example note follows:

“Wrenching the familiar’s soul from the Beastlands and, thusly, trapping it upon the Prime and harnessing said soul to its new master until death is a barbaric and completely inhumane practice that should be abolished from arcane instruction everywhere . . " At the back of the notebook, Kenric and Sasha also found a spell, uniquely researched and crafted by Maximillian, himself. The spell was intitled “Mundane Familiar” and, purportedly, could be used to find a nearby and willing subject to enter into the mutual bond of wizard and familiar.

Maximillian Weer

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