Lady Adel Beetix III


Lady Adel is the youngest noble in Cauldron and the youngest ever to sit on the Council of Twelve. Her uncle and aunt, Terrak and Jaila Beetix, made their fortune as part of the legendary adventuring group, Greyman’s Marche, and ended up settling into Cauldron after retirement. Terrak’s younger brother, Adel and his young wife Salai had been living in the city but both had come down with a mysterious disease and found themselves unable to take care of their infant daughter, also named Adel.

Terrak and Jaila became instant celebrities in Cauldron as their fame and fortune bought them the adoration of the public at large. They spent their vast wealth on many charitable projects and found themselves on the Council of Twelve in less than a year.

In time, Adel II and Sala’s disease progressed to the point where they were deemed dangerous to others and were sent to a small sanitarium at the back of the Church of St. Cuthbert. Adel III was adopted by Terrak and Jaila when she was only five.

A few years later a failed assassination attempt upon the Lord Mayor was foiled by Terrak and Jaila. While Mayor Sevarant was spared in the attack, Terrak and Jaila were slain. The ringleader of the attack was a Cauldron gaurdswoman named, Triel Eldurast. Triel escaped justice by somehow breaking out of the Cauldron jail — a feat never before accomplished in the prison’s history — and Triel remains at large to this day.

Adel III became heiress to the Beetix fortune and title of noble.

Lady Adel Beetix III

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