Kegan Ghelve


95 year old Male gnome wizard 1/ expert 2: hps 8, AC 13.


Keygan Ghelve, the gnomish owner of Ghelve’s Locks, was the most talented locksmith in Cauldron. He fell on hard times when his rat familiar Starbrow was taken from him by the skulks inhabiting Jzadirune. He was forced to create copies of skeleton keys that would allow the skulks access to all of the residences in Cauldron who had been Keygan’s customers.

Keygan lives in a small set of rooms above his workshop, which also secretly holds the only known entrance to the abandoned gnomish enclave of Jzadirune.

The Moonhowlers confronted Keygan about the recent spate of kidnappings in Cauldron and eventually the little gnome cracked under the pressure and explained how Starbrow was being held hostage.

The Moonhowlers turned in Keygan to Sergent Maltemps for arrest. At his trial, Keygan dumbfounded Judge Ghease and his own defense lawyer by taking the stand for the prosecution, stating that he was obviously guilty of the charges and wished to make good. His actions may have been influenced by the Moonhowler’s sudden appearance at the trial with a healthy and hale Starbrow in to after rescuing the pet rat from the clutches of the evil skulks of Jzadirune.

Keygan and Starbrow now sit in prison with a six season incarceration term to be followed by two seasons of community service.

Kegan Ghelve

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