Not much is known about this mysterious figure. Kazmojen is believed to be a half-dwarf/half-troll recently arrived in the Malachite Hold from the Underdark. It is also believed that this individual has been running a slave trading business in the now abandoned Hold under Cauldron and is responsible for the recent kidnappings in the city.

Davked Splintershield told Braenna that he had knowledge of Kazmojen; that he had once lived above ground, but fled to the Underdark some time ago. He warned Braenna that she should not follow the orders given to her by Sergeant Maltemps to bring him to justice alive. Davked, rather, whispered in her ear to simply kill the beast and do us all a favor.

The Moonhowlers are currently planning an expedition into the Malachite Hold in order to face Kazmojen and his Life’s Bazaar.

Update!! The Moonhowlers sacked the Malachite Hold, battling Kazmojen and his little dog too, to the death. At first, Braenna and Gerran squared off against the foul slaver while Braeden tackled the howler, Prickles. Kenric and Listens To Wind had their hands full with a small army of hobgoblins. Gerran took one too many whacks from Kaz’s wicked twin-bladed dwarven urgosh and changing tactics – pursuing an escaping Pyllrak Shyraat, leaving Braenna to go toe-to-toe with the mighty Kaz. The battle waged on for what seemed like hours. Braenna was a worthy foe, but Kaz’s troll blood served him well and Braenna began to weaken. The elven duo Fario and Fellian chose that moment to appear, but Fario fell under a hail of hobgoblin arrows and Fellian got pinned down as well. Braeden finally finished off Prickles, but before he could come to Braenna’s aid, he came under heavy fire as well and had to take immediate cover! Just when things were looking grim for our heroic dwarven lass, Listens To Wind throttled the last hobgoblin threatening him and turned and charged Kazmodian! Listens did his best to wrassle the stout Kaz to the ground, but Kaz’s dwarven blood did him great service at that point and he proved immovable! Things were looking really grim at this point and Braenna knew she couldn’t survive another blow from the urgosh. Suddenly, there was a flashy of dark cloth and Yathaub appeared between the two battling dwarves. Yathaub to the rescue! But the wiley dark stalker could do little more than annoy Kazmojen. At this point, Braenna had had enough – and with her last bit of energy she threw herself in a murderous rage at Kazmojen and the fury of her shining axe was a wonder to behold. She screamed an ancient dwarven war shout that came unbidden from her throat and finally her blade struck home, severing a major artery in his neck. Later, after the battle was complete, Kenric began to study the body of Kazmojen, only to discover to his horror, that the blood upon the floor was slowly flowing back into the body!!! Oh no! That’s right – his daddy was a troll! “Someone, fetch me a flame!” yelled the young wizard, and in short order, the mighty Kazmojen was no more. ~Finis


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