Jil, an apparent member of the Last Laugh Thieves Guild, first revealed herself to the Moonhowlers, if briefly, on the night they rescued Rufus from the Last Laugh Thugs. She appeared as a shadowy figure upon a nearby rooftop who shouted at them to “stay away from the orphanage.” Later, after their arrest, the thugs admitted Jil had hired them to rough up Rufus in the guise of Last Laugh members.

Jil next appeared on the rooftop of Keygan Ghelve’s lockshop where she had an “encounter” with Gerran and LTW. The final result: Moonhowlers 1, Jil 0.

Jil appears to be a member of the Last Laugh and claims that her organization is only looking out for the betterment of Cauldron and its people. During her trial Jil represented herself…and she lost. Sentenced to two years in prison for ordering the hit on Rufus Laro and implemented in the recent kidnappings.


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