Embril Aloustinai

High Priest of Wee Jas in Cauldron


Kristof Jurgensen of the Church of Pelor thinks that Embril holds a personal grudge against his Church and he thinks she is trying to undermine his authority in the city. Currently, Kristof is convinced Embril and the Church of Wee Jas is trying to build their cathedral so high as to block out the sun so as Pelor’s power will no longer be felt in Cauldron.

Embril is aloof and spends most of her time in quiet contemplation within the Cathedral of Wee Jas. Rarely is she seen in public, allowing her personal assistant, Ike Iverson, to handle these types of affairs.

Recently, the Moonhowlers encountered Embril upon one of her rare ventures outside. The Moonhowlers had just defeated Drakthar, the vampire, and had brought his staked-corpse to the surface in order to make a spectacle of his demise and, hopefully, to gain notice from the populace for their deeds.

The high priests of the other three churches had already arrived, along with a small crowd outside Orak’s Bathhouse and the Moonhowlers were about to decapitate the corpse of Drakthar in front of the crowd. It was at that moment Embril and Ike made their appearance, descending through the very air via some mystical conveyance, the pair took custody of Drakthar’s corpse and chastised the crowd for their mis-behavior.

As Embril and Ike arose back toward the highest tower of their Cathedral with the corpse of Drakthar in tow, dozens of white lilies appeared in the sky and plopped to the ground. Later that evening, Embril and Ike performed a proper public ceremony to send Drakthar’s tortured soul to the afterlife and destroyed the body he had left behind.

Currently, the Moonhowlers don’t like the Wee Jasians very much – and this includes the High Priestess, Embril Aloustinai.

Embril Aloustinai

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