Cora Lathenmire

Daughter to Edwin and Sarah Lathenmire


Female human Aristocrat 1/Swashbuckler 3; hp 34, AC 14.


Cora, daughter to Edwin and Sarah Lathenmire, arms and armor tycoons of the Cauldron region, sits quietly next to her boyfriend Zachary.  Cora looks small and aloof and even unassuming, but your experience with her tells a starkly different story.  A simmering anger has always been at the core of this beautiful redhead, an anger that you have personally witnessed explode in violent fashion.  You have always felt her emotional state was, perhaps, attributable to the fact that despite the vast quantities of personal wealth held by her parents, the upper crust of Cauldron’s society had not, as of yet, accepted the Lathenmires as one of their own, and the title of “noble” has, of yet, eluded them.  Not for lack of trying, the Lathenmires have a near monopoly on the arms and armor trade in the region as well as being the owners of all but one smithy in town.  As you watch, you realize Cora is fully aware of Zachary’s clumsy attempts at flirting with Tender, but she calmly sits by and feigns not to notice.  Instead, she idly talks with the lanky boy, Todd Vanderboren, sitting next to her.

Cora Lathenmire

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