Way Studly, Babe Magnet, Charming, exceedingly likable, generous (with other people’s money), magnanimous, and all around great guy!

Male Human Cleric 6
CG Medium Humanoid
Init 0; Listen +4, Spot +5
Languages Celestial, Common

AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20
   (7 armor, 2 shield)
hp 39 (6d8
Fort 7, Ref 2, Will 8

Speed 20ft.
Melee weapon Axe, Throwing +1 (1d6
1) and
   Dagger 5 (1d41) and
   Morningstar 6 (1d81) and
   Unarmed Strike 5 (1d31)
Ranged weapon Crossbow, Light 2 (1d8)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk
4; Grp +5

Combat Gear Unarmed Strike, Gauntlet (from Armor), Morningstar, Crossbow, Light, Bolts, Crossbow, Dagger, Axe, Throwing, Masterwork Half Plate, Masterwork Shield, Heavy Steel
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 6, +5 melee touch, +4 ranged touch):
3 (DC 16, 3/day) – Dispel Magic, Magic Circle against Evil, Summon Monster III, Cure Serious Wounds
2 (DC 15, 4/day) – Cure Moderate Wounds, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon, Zone of Truth, Cure Moderate Wounds
1 (DC 14, 4/day) – Bless, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith, Shield of Faith, Cure Light Wounds
0 (DC 13, 5/day) – Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Guidance, Resistance, Virtue

Abilities Str 12 Dex 11 Con 15 Int 12 Wis 17 Cha 15
SQ Aura (Ex), Cast Healing spells at +1 caster level, Combat Casting, Feat of Strength (1 round/day) (Su), Healing, Spontaneous Casting, Strength, Turn Undead (Su)
Feats Armor Proficiency (Heavy), Armor Proficiency (Light), Armor Proficiency (Medium), Combat Casting, Divine Armor DR 5/-, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency – All, Toughness, Weapon Focus – Morningstar
Skills Balance -7, Bluff +3, Climb -6, Concentration +11, Diplomacy +8, Escape Artist -7, Heal +4, Hide -7, Intimidate +3, Jump -12, Knowledge: Nature +2, Knowledge: Religion +4, Knowledge: The Planes +2, Listen +4, Move Silently -7, Search +2, Sense Motive +4, Spot +5, Swim -13
Possessions combat gear plus Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Backpack (5 @ 15 lbs), Church, Explorer’s Outfit (Free), Fishing net, 25 sq. ft., Healer’s kit, Holy water (flask), Holy water (flask), Money, Oil of Magic Weapon, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Rations, trail (per day), Sunrod, Thunderstone, Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds, Wand of Silence


Axe, Throwing – 0/2
Bolts, Crossbow – 0/20
Dagger – 0/1
Feat of Strength (1 round/day) (Su) – 0/1
Oil of Magic Weapon – 0/1
Potion of Cure Light Wounds – 0/2
Turn Undead (Su) – 0/5
Wand of Cure Light Wounds – 40/50
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds – 32/50
Wand of Silence – 0/50
5 Fate Points

Aura (Ex) The Cleric has an aura corresponding to his deity’s alignment.
Cast Healing spells at +1 caster level You cast Healing spells at +1 caster level.
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Feat of Strength (1 round/day) (Su) You can perform a feat of strength for one round as a supernatural ability.
Healing You cast healing spells at +1 caster level.
Spontaneous Casting The Cleric can convert stored spells into Cure or Inflict spells.
Strength You can perform a feat of strength as a supernatural ability. You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level. Activating the power is a free action, the power lasts 1 round, and it is usable once per day.
Turn Undead (Su) A good cleric can turn undead; an evil cleric can rebuke undead.

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Braeden was found as a young babe in or near the town of Hollowsky by one of the last four elderly priests of the church of Pelor. The elder priests were always vague in answering Braeden’s questions about his family or where he was from – one of the only solid pieces of information that he got was that his name means “From the Dark Valley” in the old language.

He was raised in the church alongside Kristof Jurgensen, the current head priest. Braeden and Kristof are like brothers – trusting each other implicitly. While Kristof studied to administer and head the local church, Braeden took it upon himself to take charge of fundraising.

Having the smallest congregation in the city, Braeden had to develop some unorthodox techniques for raising money for the church and its charitable interests. Never one to lean on those less able to afford a donation, Braeden learned that a little “friendly persuasion” with the wealthier merchants in town could go a long way in raising the kind of capital needed for a church of Pelor’s stature. The merchants in town learned that a modest sum could protect their establishments from the occasional broken window or random fire. The locals soon tagged Braeden with the nickname “Swiftfists” – one which he did not discourage.

Braeden is true to the Pelor cause, believing in the charities and work that the church does. However, he is not above taking a small cut off the top of a generous donation for the occasional keg of brew to take back to the Abby – and though Kristof would frown at the practice – the occasional comely wench as well.

Needless to say, Kristof and the few members of the local congregation liked Braeden and appreciated the work he did too keep the church running. Recently, however, it has become clear that the church needs a greater infusion of wealth than can be provided by the small congregation and Braeden’s fundraising efforts. Something more is needed to boost the reputation of their local parish. There is always the risk that they might be re-assigned to an entirely different city for failure to draw in the parishioners and be replaced by those less sympathetic to their local causes.


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