Baldo Stelunkin

First gnomish architect and engineer of Jzadirune


Baldo was a gnome from Sasserine who traveled with Dromlin Mortarsblud and hundreds of other engineers on Surabar Spellmason’s campaign against the Demonskar. Baldo ended up helping Dromlin discover the Cauldron caldera and was the first architect and engineer for the construction of Jzadirune. Baldo is widely considered Jzadirune’s founder and first leader (before the city adopted kings and such.)

The ancient dwarven stronghold was built 650 years ago by dwarven and gnomish artisans working with Surabar Spellmason in his campaign against the hordes of the Demonskar. The dwarvish architech, Dromlin Mortarsblud, discovered the old dormant caldera that is now Cauldron and suggested to Surabar that it could be a more defensible position than the more open Redgorge, with its wooden palisade walls.

Surabar agreed and tasked Dromlin and his army of dwarven and gnomish architects and stonemasons to raise walls surrounding the rim of the caldera. Once there, the dwarves began excavating massive blocks of malachite for the walls. At some point, the dwarves dug deep enough that they filled in the resulting cavity at the edge of Bluecrater lake with a fortress of their own, which they named the Malachite Hold.

The industrious gnomes would not be outdone, and under the leadership of Baldo Stelunkin, they formed their own set of artisan workshops right on top of the dwarven Hold. The gnomes eventually named their massive expanse of workshops and foundries Jzadirune.

Surabar built his military operation on the grounds level with Bluecrater Lake’s shoreline, eventually building right on top of the gnomish city. After the defeat of Nabthatoron, Surabar’s army and followers remained in what is now Cauldron.


Baldo Stelunkin

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