Surabar Spellmason




The human presence in Cauldron began about 700 years ago. At this time, a powerful mage named Surabar Spellmason led a small army inland from the recently founded city of Sasserine. He founded Redgorge, and later Cauldron — but first, he fought to rid the region of an ancient demonic taint, led by the demon, Nabthatoron.

After Spellmason confirmed that the extinct volcano posed no danger to settlers, the settlement of Cauldron thrived, since its caldera provided both natural defenses and a supply of fresh water. Precious metals were discovered beneath the surface, attracting communities of gnomes (who founded Jhadrizune) and dwarves (who build the Malachite Fortress). These communities mostly departed in the last 200 years, for reasons unknown.

Surabar Spellmason

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