Phalian Gurnezarn

Master Blacksmith of Gurnezaarn's Smithy


Male human expert 6; hps 20, AC 13.


Gurnezarn has long held his own in Cauldron against the relentless acquisition and domination attempts on his trade by the Lathenmires. His own skill and loyalty of his customers are to thank for the fact that he is now the only non-Lathenmire smith in town. As a result, his prices are highest in town – 125% normal cost!

Gurnezarn met Braenna one day while walking past the Lantern Street Orphanage where she was living. He recognized that true dwarven look of determination in her eyes and the race’s characteristic stubbornness in the set of her jaw. His inquiries about her with the headmistress revealed that Braenna had never been adopted and was nearing young-adulthood in dwarven years.

While not a formal adoption, Braenna went with Gurnezarn to become one of his many apprentices. She has worked for him for four years now, learning the art of blacksmithing.

Phalian Gurnezarn

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