Kristof Jurgensen

High Priest of Pelor in Cauldron


Male human cleric 4; hps 21, AC 14


Having the last four elderly head priests die in recent years, young Kristof Jurgensen currently finds himself with very few in his flock.

Kristof’s only acolyte is our own Braeden. The two have grown up together as friends and both fervently took up the mantle of church leaders after the passing of the last elder two years ago.

The Church of Pelor in Cauldron has not flourished under the guidance of Kristof and Braeden, but it has not suffered, either.

Kristof is work-weary and tired and has just begun turning to partaking in his temple’s rich supply of wine to help ease his troubles. First and foremost on his mind is the lack of patrons at his church. The Church of Pelor in Cauldron was, at one time, the largest church in the city. However, with the recent loss of the elders, his flock has largely diminished. And things look to get even worse as most of his 100 or so patrons are getting advanced in years.

Second, the Cauldron City Council raised taxes this year. At first, the tax was to be levied against the mercantile trade, but the strong merchant’s guild got the Council to back off. Instead, the Council turned on the churches. Kristoff was working toward paying off the normal 100 gold annual tax (of which he has 73 gold set aside in the temple coffers), but now he has one month to meet the new tax of 500 gold!

Finally, Kristoff is certain that Embril Aloustinai and the Church of Wee Jas is out to get him and get rid of the Church of Pelor from Cauldron. Long has he suspected the young Embril of plotting with the Council and other Cauldron entities to make life tough on him and his congregation, but now he thinks he has proof. Recently, the monolithic Church of Wee Jas began construction of an even taller tower. This one, Kristoff is sure, will end up blocking the rays of the sun from reaching the spire of Pelor’s temple and thus, effectively, blocking Pelor’s power from reaching the temple.

Braedon recently showed up at the Church of Pelor only to find Kristoff drunk off the church wine. He had pulled down some of the bronze-cast symbols of Pelor that normally hang reverently within the chapel and he was talking to them. One of the casts he referred to as, “Mike” and the other as “Sally”.

Kristof Jurgensen

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