Sarcem Delasharn

High Priest of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron


High Priest of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron. The most respected of all clergy in Cauldron. This aged man has lent his vast leadership skills and church resources to the advancement of a modern-day Cauldron.

When the party first encounters of the Church of St. Cuthbert, Sarcem was away in Sasserine attending a religious conclave there. He left the able Jenya in charge during his absence, and is expected back in the city sometime during the late autumn season.

The Moonhowlers responded to a desperate call for help from the High Priest of St. Cuthbert. Sending a Message through, Jenya Urikas, his trusted Primate in Cauldron, he begged for an immediate rescue. The message read, “At Lucky Monkey. Have eight wands. Tavern’s been attacked. Bandits led by barbaric apeman. Mortally wounded. Retreated to basement. They knew we’re here. Send Assistance!”

To which Jenya was able to reply: “Sarcem? Is that you? Hang on! Conserve your resources. I’ll send out aid immediately. Send me another message when you can but until then have…”

At midnight, fresh from mixed success at the Demonskar Ball, the Moonhowlers eagerly took up the cause and rode out into the black stormy night for the Inn of the Lucky Monkey. Arriving just before dawn, they discovered they were too late. Sarcem had fallen to the blade of Triel Eldurast, beheaded and defiled by the were-baboon, Tongueater.

Triel had left in the night with the 8 wands of Control Water and with the bulk of her men-at-arms and returned to Cauldron to auction off the wands to the highest bidder. The Moonhowlers, meanwhile, attacked and defeated Tongueater, ran the rest of the bandits off and rescued what was left of Sarcem’s body and belongings.

They returned to Cauldron the next day and turned over the body of Sarcem to a distraught Jenya Urikas. Jenya took Sarcem’s Holy mace, the St. Cuthbert symbol of office, and declared herself high priestess of Cauldron. She also bestowed much of Sarcem’s belongings to the Moonhowler for their due diligence in returning Sarcem’s body to the church.


Sarcem Delasharn

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