Sasha Kronovavik

Tutor in the Bluecrater Acadamy Backyard Novice Program


Female Half-elven wizard 4: hps 12, AC 13.


Sasha teaches in the Bluecrater Acadamy program for wizard initiates.  A new class begins each year with a fresh batch of novices and Sasha is one of a few low-level members of the Acadamy who works as a tutor.  Lady Ophellia Knowlern, one of the nobles in town, supplies the primer spellbooks for the course – one for each student – which contains a bevy of cantrips and a few first level spells.

Kenric was one of Sasha's pupils in the year before this campaign begins.  So far in our story, Sasha has been instrumental in helping Kenric puzzle out the origins of Smoke and Maximillian Weer.

Sasha Kronovavik

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